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10/29/2018 10:01:29 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Denial to some is the name of a river that flows through Egypt.

But, Isn't it a fact of life that those who are in denial don't even know it and more often than not, Don't want to know it?

Take religion and let's say we look at, For example, The vilification of minority groups such as homosexuals.

I think we have thrashed the issue enough in this forum to establish the fact that there is no reason at all to cast hatred towards homosexuals and it is just not good enough in this day and age to say "they told me to" or "it is written in a book of mythological, Superstitious tales".

Even then, "they", Neither the said book doesn't explain why anyone should even be concerned with those who have different lifestyles.

Isn't it time that religious followers stop being puppets and start thing for themselves?

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