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The Greater Evil

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10/30/2018 9:26:26 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Given that substance abuse and religion are the greatest scourges of modern society, Wouldn't it be interesting to know which is the worst?

Both afflictions certainly have their similarities having been infiltrating decent society since time immemorial. Junkies and religious followers alike have addictions and suffer from delusions.

But what characteristics make one stand out from the other in terms of having a detrimental impact on society? Let's consider these comparisons. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Violence: Meth addicts can be known to engage in random attacks on others and commit manslaughter. On the other hand, Religious-fuelled wars and clashes have murdered millions including numerous genocides.

Family Harmony: There is no doubt that substance abusers alienate themselves from their immediate families but how many entire families have been completely destroyed by religious differences?

Intelligence: Although self-medicating and excessive alcohol consumption can be catalysts for personality disorders it has been well documented that religious followers develop lower IQs than normal people.

Power And Wealth: Drug lords and cartels make millions and can have influence on a political level. The Catholic Church alone wields its power on a global basis and owns obscene amounts of real estate, All funded from tax-free contributions from its impoverished followers. And let's not forget the overwhelming support the Vatican gave to the Nazis.

Well, These are just a few comparisons and everyone can make their own judgment but which one stands out as being the greatest evil?

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