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11/4/2018 9:42:07 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
. . . . . That there is no such thing as God?

After all, The old arguments for the existence of God have well and truly past their use-by dates. For example, "life was created". . . . Well apart from Darwin putting the kibosh on that idea eons ago, Every academic and scientist with an ounce of credibility has well and truly disproven such a random notion.

The Bible, Quran and every antiquated, Unauthenticated, Unverified piece of obscure scripture in between have been completely laughed off as being incredulous, To say the least. So they provide no proof or evidence whatsoever.

So, What straw have theists created that they can precariously cling to in order to keep their spiritual dream alive? Well, It seems to be the "beyond science" or "beyond the physical realm" arguments that are of course, Beyond the realm of anybody proving since no theist has ever elucidated what on earth either of those revelations means.

Or, Maybe not.

I'm sure that every thinking, Caring, New age theist is deeply concerned about his or her image in this era of enlightenment and information overload where nothing is taken for granted, Especially airy-fairy spiritualist phenomena. Besides which, I'm sure that theists in general nowadays are questioning their idiosyncratic beliefs like never before.

I'm thinking that perhaps there is a plethora of corporations and venture-capital companies set up by religious organizations to properly address the big question "Does God exist" and finally provide the evidence and proof that the Almighty is more than a figment of the imaginations of deluded wishful thinkers.

So, Is there a theist who could update us on the latest developments on the research frantically being done by "beyond scientists" or "spiritual technicians"?
They must surely have made great advancements in developing the technology required to affirm the presence of God so, Can anyone please give us an update?

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