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11/22/2018 11:10:23 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Father: Son, Do you know what is going to happen this time next month?

Son: Yeah, The same thing that happens every month. That's when. . . . . .

Father: No, Son, I'm not talking about that. Mummy is taking a rest at the moment but what I am talking about is Xmas.

Son: Yeah right, Like I already asked Santa for Dungeons and Dragons ver:3476. 8, An animal dissection kit and a toy AK-47 like those Muslim kids bring to school.

Father: That's cool but I want to talk about the real meaning of Xmas. You see, There is no real meaning of Xmas because it is based on a fairy tale and the characters were all made up.

Son: But I believe in Santa Claus. And you know what? I heard Santa and almost saw him last Xmas.

Father: That's great son. I wish I were here to see Santa with you but I was away on that business trip.

Son: Yeah, I heard him tiptoe downstairs; we must have been the last house coz it was just becoming light but I went to the window just in time to see Santa drive away.

Father: Drive away?

Son: Yeah Dad, He was driving one of them fancy Cayennes just like what Mummy's boss has. In fact, It was exactly the same colour. Like, What are the chances?

Father: (? ! %$#@)

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