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Advice For Prospective Religious Followers

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11/29/2018 10:27:03 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Thinking of religion?

Life is not so complicated really. It has no purpose whatsoever and while we are here we should make the most of it and enjoy it instead of listening to all sorts of tall stories about how we got here.

People stopped doing that ages ago and 99% of those who say they are religious are only towing the other 1% around.

So, Be bold, Take life by the horns. Push through those slouches hanging around the water cooler, Pull out one those plastic cups and fill it to the top. Sip a bit, Gargle it, Then swig the rest down in one gulp. Then crumple the said cup and throw it on the floor, Stamp on it then shout out. . . . . . "F**k religion".

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