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Is Creationism Is A Lost Cause?

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12/2/2018 12:21:37 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
I think that the concept of creation and evolution "co-existing" is a vain attempt by creationists to keep their dream alive whilst indirectly conceding that they have been totally trumped by evolution.

For example: "species having been created will adapt to their environment" and "there is evolution within species but not between species". A new term I found recently was "kind". . . . . . "there is evolution between species but not between kinds. "

Then there is the vague play on the "consciousness" or "spirit" concept that somehow a creator left everything to evolve but when a human comes about, A conscience is miraculously programmed into that body.

Evolution is an extremely tried, Proven and irrefutable science. When will creationists stop trying to take a free ride by jumping on the evolution bandwagon in a vain attempt to gain credibility?

If creationists have any reasonable argument for their cause, They should present their own research and evidence instead of hijacking the hard, Intelligent work done by others.

Creation and evolution have nothing to do with each other, They are poles apart and the twain shall never meet.

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