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How To Dodge The Euthanasia Dilemma

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12/8/2018 7:17:04 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
So, You are a strict Christian who has dutifully prayed to God every day and done what is righteous all your life but then, Just as life is going great, You are diagnosed with terminal cancer.

You know the horrors of suffering a slow undignified death and what a burden it would be to all your friends and relatives.

Your faith strictly prohibits you from the option of voluntary euthanasia yet you still feel the need for jumping off the nearest overpass in order to make a tidy, Painless exit and of course, Enjoy the bounties of a life of luxury in the afterlife.

What do you do?

How about working as a stunt-double?

Now, Hear me out on this one because I think it may be just the right solution.

Strike up a contract with a movie studio that you are prepared to do the ultra-dangerous stunts like jumping off a highspeed train into a convertible sports car with a nominated-sum, Limited liability.

It's a win-win situation since the movie studio can count their costs and, You will earn a decent amount of moolah.

When the inevitable happens and you get the timing slightly out of sync with the stunt, You are going to go arse over tit down the blacktop until a power pylon suddenly jumps out in front of you and then it's all over red rover. . . Passed on, No more, Ceased to be, Expired, Gone to meet your maker, Bereft of life, Resting in peace, Your metabolic processes would be history, Off the twig, Kicked the bucket, Shuffled off your mortal coil, Run down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir invisible.

All your friends and relatives will be really impressed at watching an HD video in slow motion capture of your final few seconds and, Of course, You will go straight to heaven since it was all an accident.

Sounds like a great idea?

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