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The individual comes before the supreme being

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12/9/2018 10:48:08 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Laser Light spirituality tends to view knowledge/truth as living, Nuanced, And contextual, Especially peripherally, But also infinite, Eternal, And unchanging, Especially at center.

I have modified my "seven principles of laser light" to place the individual first, Before the "supreme being. " I"m slowly growing in my views of what an individual is. Maybe atheistic thought has influenced me to be more individualistic than I have ever been. The individual, At her-his healthiest, Is a laser beam of light that goes down deep into MSOIEL (Mysterious Singularity of Infinite Eternal Light). We own our own living, Healthy consciences (if we aren"t too hardened to feel our consciences) that go down deep into the MSOIEL. I believe there is a core of this MSOIEL which is the bulk of MSOIEL"s laser light that is a friend/helper of those that are most healthy in the light. But each individual, At their healthiest, Goes as deep as this core of MSOIEL (which has no expressional individuality). Each individual owns their own deepest consciences, Being, Thoughts, And feelings. The core of MSOIEL must answer to its own health in the light, Just like all individuals who are in MSOIEL. A key point is that MSOIEL is unprejudiced: it is the strongest helper of those that are strongest in the light.

"The seven principles of light-laser spirituality:"

Do not put anything before the light, And this means you should put your innerness, Trueness, Feeling, And judging of your spirit-soul first, Which can make each individual a laser beam, The fruits of which are individual peace and freedom. As individuals of the light, We own our own deepest conscience, Being, Feelings, And thoughts in MSOIEL.

Recognize that you have a great friend/helper in the light: the core of MSOIEL which has no expressed individuality, But who helps strengthen us in the light when we truly seek the light. But the core of MSOIEL answers to the health of the light, Just like each individual in MSOIEL, And in that sense should not be considered superior to us.

Do no harm, Especially soul harm, Except if you are defending yourself.

Do not steal, Which includes spiritual theft.

Be very careful about spiritual sex and sexual-sensual spirits: especially treacherous can be those that can appear as "love" but are really just spirits that are trying to open up one"s soul to deceiving spirits, Or trying to open up one"s soul to "the Spirit" as in Christianity.

Be kind to one another especially to the most vulnerable of society, But be careful to have background defenses up always because predators are always around to take advantage of kindness, And you are under no obligation to be kind to predators if you sense they are on the hunt. So be reserved in your kindness to everyone except to those who you know well or are intimate with.

Have a distrust for anything or anyone that has an externalizing pressure on you, Including the Bible. Reject anything or anyone that attempts to suppress your soul catharsis including the Bible. Reject anything that encourages grinding work/soul exhaustion (versus happy work) or intensive socialization (versus maintaining a strong individual center). Reject anything that doesn"t encourage you to be wary, To use judgment and discernment, And to fully defend yourselves against predators and predatorial belief systems such as that encouraged by the bible. View the Bible as the perfected tool of darkness and evil in encouraging these soul damaging things. Christianity forces people to turn over the judgments of their own living consciences to a false book and/or a false institutions, Which seeks to overthrow souls by commanding people not to guard and defend themselves adequately against predators and predation and even to open oneself up to predators and predation, Many of whom are found in Christianity and Christian leaders. It is best to remain cautious and wary about things in general because of the externalizing (soul destroying) influences of many things.

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