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Are Preachers Ethical?

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12/21/2018 10:40:11 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
I suppose that professional public servants such as lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, And politicians have all, At times, Had more than their share of being labeled charlatans, Con artists, And outright criminals, Usually by those who have experienced an unfavorable result. Such allegations, Of course, Are unjustified and these professionals all act under a strict code of conduct and high standard of ethics.

But how about religious preachers?

Can the labels of charlatans, Con artists, And criminals frequently leveled against members of the cloth be justified?

I don't wish to preach or shove opinions down everyone's throats so I think it only fair to let the reader ask themselves these questions and ponder the following facts.

The same principles apply whether it be preachers of Judaism or Islam or Christianity.

Do preachers lie?
* There is no valid evidence whatsoever to support the notion that God exists.
* There is overwhelming, Thoroughly tested scientific evidence that irrefutably rules out * any notion of life having been created.
* There is absolutely no proof of the existence of Heaven and or Hell.

Are preachers charlatans?
* The definition of a charlatan is a person claiming to have a special knowledge or skill.
* Preachers claim to communicate wishes or requests by followers to God through prayer.

Are preachers con artists?
* The definition of a con artist is "a person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe in something that isn't true".
* Preachers regularly speak of words spoken by God.
* Preachers regularly speak of punishment of living an eternally in Hell for those who do not believe his word.

Are preachers criminals?
* In most western civilised countries, Anti-vilification laws make it an offence to incite hatred against minority groups such as homosexuals.
* Preachers regularly promote the shunning of homosexuals.
* In most western civilised countries there are laws relating to the abuse of children.
* Preachers regularly lecture children on being "saved" (from eternal damnation if they fail to believe in what they are told).

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