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Existence Of God Is Possible

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12/25/2018 11:34:33 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
Son: Mum, I was just thinking. Is it possible that there is such a thing as flying pink elephants?

Mother: Well dear, If one were to be technically correct, Anything is possible, Therefore there may be the possibility that flying pink elephants actually exist.

Son: Yeah right, And nobody can disprove that flying elephants exist so I'm going to go round telling everyone that there are pink elephants flying around and they had better watch out for monstrous dudus falling on them when they go outside. How cool eh mum?

Mother: Well you could do that but everyone would say that you are absolutely stupid. Besides which, That sort of thing has been tried before.

Son: What, Someone telling everyone that there are flying pink elephants?

Mother: No dear. . . . . . . . . . Someone telling everyone that God exists.

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