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New study says murder may be key to afterlife

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1/15/2019 11:34:01 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
My new study.

* This study uses the reality that humans can only survive on planets in space (balls in space) as a definitive way of proving that if there is a life after death then that life is on a planet. Another version of earth, Probably.

If murder really happens here on earth, Then that changes the persons afterlife.

One more time.

If someone really is murdered on this planet, Then that means they will be conscious after a murder.

First thoughts? Why did God do this to me. What will God let me do back to this person. Did God really just say, "I want to be there when you beat the feat out of that stupid frucking pussdy" in hell with The Devil present and prepared to burn this motherfooler in hell.

So I am assuming that God takes everybodys core or 'soul' before death no matter how it happens.

so no matter how people die here on earth, God always sees it coming because all deaths are scripted -- there can be no way to have an unscripted death because one would have to wake up on a new planet or new version or identicle version of earth.

So that means nobody has a real memory of death on earth because every death has to be scripted to 'work' and so nobody ever truly gets the chance to murder the 'real' version of someone because then that REAL version of someone would have to be transferred to the second/other ball (planet).

If people could just X people out of the universe, Then damn we are that powerful to control Gods organisms. LOL. \

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1/16/2019 3:22:41 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
You have a lot of eternal light guiding your thoughts, But you cannot see clearly because you've never read the Bible with the right paradigms. Everyone will avoid hell fire forever except those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit and claim that the miracles of the Holy Spirit are from the devil. The unforgivable sin has not been committed since the second century, And everyone you see walking around on earth will live forever in immortal bodies after the resurrection, According to Matt 12.

Your experiment may sound interesting to you, But we already know the truth about eternity from the Bible, Compared to the five purposes of mortality we live in now.


1. Know God and Christ using spiritual sex through repentance and faith.
2. Know good and evil by experience.
3. Live the gender of the physical body you chose before you were born.
4l Fear offending God's good Character and do not fear His power. Breaking oaths and covenants made to the Creator makes Him the most angry.
5' Keep the 10 Commandments by covenant only to Him in your heart and not to men.

The details of the Biblical paradigm changes and scriptures to identify our purpose for being in mortality are in the many threads posted here for two months under ananthegreat.

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