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What Is Bad About Religion?

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1/17/2019 9:20:15 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
What I am addressing in particular, Is the doom and gloom aspect of religion; Christianity, In particular. Here we have a belief that keeps its followers hooked through guilt and fear that if they do not commit themselves, They will be punished in an afterlife with eternal damnation in Hell.
Apart from being a load of unfounded nonsense and lies, Such threats are extremely primitive and unwarranted in this day and age.

We then have the bigotry and ugly discrimination for which Christian Churches are notorious for and embarrassingly and obscenely behind the times. It is just unacceptable in today's modern society for institutions to make a stand against the rest of society and the law of the land in the name of God.

Churches have had an unenviable history of oppression, Abuse, And corruption. They have shown to be very slow, Even reluctant to clean up their acts.

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