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Anonthenotsogreat Walks Past The Water Cooler

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1/18/2019 9:23:40 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
(A group of colleagues is gathered around the water cooler chatting away)

Guy 1: Hey, Here comes that whacko Anonthenotsogreat. Be quiet and stare at the ceiling.

(long pause as Anonthenotsogreat walks past)

Guy 2: What's up with that nitwit anyway. He keeps on blurting out a heap of religious doom and gloom crap and nobody can understand what he's going on about.

Guy 3: I know. At least when he kept on coming up with all those conspiracy theories it got us rolling all over the floor in fits of laughter.

Guy 1: What does he do here anyway?

Guy 2: Oh, He works in the number plate stamping workshop. He used to do basket weaving but he kept on forgetting to make the basket bottoms.

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