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DAN 8: goat = occult power part #2

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1/30/2019 12:10:11 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
In the vision, Daniel sees a ram and goat fight each other and the goat wins. The messenger says the ram with two horns are the Medes and Persians, And the goat is Greece. Biblical scholars believe the interpretation is a slam dunk.

However, Yahweh is a Spirit, And He reveals the secrets of the heart in cryptic and dark sayings, Such as parables. The Medes, Persians, And Greece represent ideas in the kingdom of God within us, Like all the parables of Christ. Yahweh does the same thing in all of Daniel, Zach 14, Matt 24, Revelation, Isaiah 29, And all the scriptures.

To see the light of God, We must cover the flesh and renew the mind with the eternal ideas from Yahweh (North) vs temporary ideas for mortality (South). Christ will split the Mount of Olives between the eternal and mortal ideas after we make the new rainbow covenant of mortality with Him in our hearts to live the 1 Golden Rule and 2 Great Commandments (12), And keep it private in our hearts.

For example, The 10 Tribes going from South to North and being lost represents the 10 Commandments applied to mortality creating death of old age, And the spirit orb gets lost to Satan and the beast system. Essentially the eternal half-truths mixed with mortal law will kill our bodies.

The 10 Tribes going North to South is the 10 Commandments used by mortals to be translated into eternal gods and goddeses in families with memory key passwords all the way back to the spirit-orb creation. Or resurrected as single angels who are sterile but enjoy sex with changing partners at Yahweh's command with no memory-key passwords. They did not want the responsibility before they were born, Therefore, They are predestinated to be angels and not gods and goddesses by grace through faith.

The light is going opposite direction: South to North for mortality or North to South for immortality. Mortality and the flesh suck the light toward self for attention (for glory) and eventual death of old age. Eternal gods, Goddesses, And angels reflect the light toward Yahweh for attention (for glory) for life. It is the identical light going two directions. Black or white.

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