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Gen 49; Number ideas within Israel part #1

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2/4/2019 9:29:48 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
In the Bible, We know it is about Isreal and his wresting with God to receive the white grace blessing of becoming a god with his wife as a goddess. But what about his 12 sons?

Imbedded withing the 12 sons are the number codes to decifer truth to assist us on the path to become gods and goddesses. The order of birth represents the blessing of their mothers for their mortal lives.

However, The blessing of the 12 sons in Genesis 49 is in a different order, And it represents the black grace power serving Satan with a promise that Christ will come and "fix the numbers". It is why God uses the words "New World Order". He is going to reorder the thoughts of the world through the New Jerusalem of the gods and godesses.

The book of Relation order of the 12 sons returns to the order of birth, With one exception. He replaces the 5th son of Dan with the ET ideas, For His white grace (5) working through the ETs will save us from Satan when the 12 Jewish International Bankers take the lead on the other earth, Using the economic systems to implement the Golden Rule over the entire planet. However, They must first by freewill drop their sexual relationships with the fallens sons and daughters of God. Although they eminate the unconditional love of God, They do not know how to manange mortality. Their sincere misinterpretaion of Yahweh's 1957 vision of the New World Order is an example.

The leaders have got to stop wanting to have sex with them, Or they will keep coming as inept and incompetent gods and goddesses to evoke brilliant ideas from Satan to increase power that is void of purpose. Mortals are not suppose to have sex with immortals until after they are translated into "real" gods and goddesses themselves. It may be emotionally painful, But the view of the right eye and right hand about God and His 1st Great Commandment must end. The right eye must be plucked out and right hand cut off to be translated. If not, They will be angels forever.

The ETs are part of Joseph's mysterious blessing in Genesis 49 that cannot be uncoded except by Yahweh Himself. That is the big picture, And I have already given you the correct ordered meaning of the numbers 1 to 13. However, The blessings in Gen 49 to the 12 sons reveal the black grace disorder of ideas, Will, And feelings with the promised blessing of Christ from the inner kingdom fixing the disorder. Let us go through the black grace deceptions:

(GENESIS 49:1-4)
And Jacob called unto his sons, And said,
that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days [last covenant in the light of God that has no darkness The Lord was awesome to give just the right words to bridge directly to the kingdom of God withing us by using the daylight in the last covenant TO REMOVE THE EVIL ONE].

Gather yourselves together [the truth in the numbers is one],
and hear [with the inner ear],
ye sons of Jacob [who are mortal and not translated but will be using reincarnation TO BECOME GODS AND GODDESSES HIS WAY];
and hearken unto Israel your father [who wrestled with God and waited on Yahweh's grace to bless him to receive the promise by holding onto the Father from the third heaven in faith. His hip went out of joint as a symbol of Yahweh sitting in the throne of his body and having spriritual intimacy to translate him into a real god].

1. Father. Lion of the authority of truth and justice.

**Reuben**, Thou art my firstborn, My might [ETERTAL TRUTH AND JUSTICE IS ALMIGHTY],
the excellency of dignity [THERE IS NO SHAME IN THE TRUTH. ONLY DIGNITY],
and the excellency of power [POWER=TRUTH AND JUSTICE]:
Unstable as water [counterfiet father Satan that deceives with fluid feelings of the sea],
thou shalt not excel [in your ideas];
because thou wentest up to thy father's bed [couterfeit spiritual sex in Yahweh's black grace power];
then defiledst thou it [bed with visions from Yahweh]:
he went up to my couch [counterfieted white grace power of inimacy with Christ as the Father in the inner kingdom. A couch is a throne for anyone who wants to be a god or goddess--there is room for everyone. Predestination is not included].
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2/4/2019 9:53:45 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her (spirit-orb to control as a slave)has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin [sex with the fallen sons and daughters of God], Pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members [ideas in the spirit-orb] perish, Than for your whole body to be cast into hell [to continue the practice, Eventually Satan will blaspheme the Holy Spirit like the scribes and Pharisees of old did. That sin is unforgivable]. And if you r right hand [First five Commandments or 1st Great Commandment] causes you to sin, Cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members [false ideas] perish, Than for your whole body to be cast into hell [fire]. (Matt 5:28-30)
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2/5/2019 1:23:12 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
2. Son. Son of Man. Was Adan to apply mercy and repentance for mortals to become gods and goddesses. He became the Son of God at His baptism to will His own death to demonstrate the unlimited power of Yahweh to translate Israel and the predistinatd ETs into gods and goddesses.
3. Daughter-Holy Spirit. Power in miracles, Both black and white grace. Eagle eyes to see the details in the paradigm truths of the Father. She flourishes in true paradigms to fit all the truth together by synergy power of white grace, But creates twisted false details in false paradigms. She is not able to see the truth if taught false paradigms. Christ as a male can teach the Father's paradigm to become gods and goddesses to place the Character of the Son (2) before the power of miracles (3).

**Simeon and Levi** are brethren [two ideas operate as one];
instruments of cruelty are in their habations [In the spirit orb, They reverse the order from 23 to 32].

Christ died at 32 to teach Israel that they were more interested in the power of miracles than the Messiah's teachings from the Father. Daniel said we are translated by 2300 days by being spirtually inimate in the light as mortals as the first step to translation. After translation, We no longer sacrifice our will to do God's will, For Satan is removed from our hearts. We overcome Yahweh's opposite, Satan.

Let us continue. . .

O my soul [feelings],
come not thou [feelings] into their secret [black power by colluion and faith in 32, Which God changed to 33 to release the power by their faith combined with works. 3+3=6];
unto their [ideas]
assembly [circle of unity of thought in the pentegram. No competition between insiders],
mine honour [righteous glory of Yahweh], Be not thou united [with the ideas]:
for in their anger [resisting the secret oath ideas creates anger]
they slew a man [agreement is made to die if the oath is broken],
and in their selfwill they digged down a wall [death is the wall that is remove by the false promises of Satan].

Cursed [by God's black grace power]
be their anger [ideas get lost in anger of the soul in selfish competion with outsiders for power using survival of the fittist],
for it was fierce [the horn of the goat];
and their wrath [of black grace power],
for it was cruel [without mercy]:
I will divide them [the ideas of power (3) from Christ's teaching (2) to deceive. The Satanists do not believe in the teachings of Christ. ]
in Jacob [the uncomitted will. Jacob is a mortal with Satan or the antichrist spirit. Israel is not Jacob],
and scatter them [an ideas not with Christ and translation is against Christ, And a will who does not gather with Christ to be a god or goddess scatters abroad the ideas. (Matt 12:30)]
in Israel [Jacob scatters false ideas into all the 12 ordered eternal number ideas that is true Israel to be translated symbolically as the 144, 000 gods and goddesses].

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