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Gen 49; Number ideas within Israel part #4

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2/5/2019 10:44:25 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
10. Knowing Satan by spiritual sex.

**Naphtali** is a hind [butt] let loose [in sex]:
he giveth goodly words [during spiritual worship, Satan reveals ideas to gain more power and control over others. Today the Satanists own all the money in the world by using this principle for thousands of years and honoring the Creator in the processes of black grace from Yahweh. No blame or shame for the past. Time to take off the training wheels of black power grace that is void of purpose. White grace sex is much better. White grace has 5 glorious good purposes and reveals eternal truth to know Yahweh Elohim and His Son through spiritual sex].

11. Christ in the inner kingdom. Duplicate of the Father. 1+1=2 Joseph was the name of the mortal father of Christ/Adam.

**Joseph** is a fruitful [eternal truth]
bough [Christ is a bough of life],
even a fruitful bough [of life]
by a well [living water];
whose branches run over the wall [of death]:
The archers [evil ideas from many mortal covenants or bows]
have sorely grieved him [mortal vs eternal ideas],
and shot at him, And hated him [Satan was created to hate Christ and His rainbow covenent of a bow-shape]:
But his bow abode in strength [of the promise to be translated as gods and goddesses],
and the arms [choices]
of his hands [10 Commandments]
were made strong by the hands [10 Commandments]
of the mighty God of Jacob [mortal black grace will be change to Israel white grace]
(from thence is the shepherd, The stone of Israel [white grace of Christ. The ideas in the Sermon on the Mount are like building our intellectual house on a rock rather than sand]:)
Even by the God [Yahweh]
of thy father [Isaac],
who shall help thee [by covenant];
and by the Almighty [Yahweh Elohim's power of white grace],
who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above,
blessings of the deep [ideas]
that lieth under [the feelings],
blessings of the breasts [white milk grace],
and of the womb [spiritual intimacy]
The blessings of thy father have prevailed [Isaac wrestled with God the Father from the third heaven and Yahweh's grace moved in the Father by Israel's faith]
above the blessings of my progenitors [those without the covenant to be gods and goddesses]
unto the utmost bound [boundary of death]
of the everlasting hills [everlasting good and evil that is created by Satan using death and reincarnation forever. The ETs use the ideas of the everlasting hills of good and evil. Joseph married and Egyption to bind the ETs to Israel by blood to the covenant to become gods and goddesses]:
they shall be on the head [ideas]
of Joseph, And on the crown [authority of ideas from Christ]
of the head [ideas]
of him that was separate from his brethren [but later brought brought back together asa family. The numbers are divided by black grace. But Christ's white grace puts them back in order by the ETs ideas in Egypt using unity of the Law of One and principles that put Satan on a tight leash so the world can get Satan under control as we transition to white grace, And Israel takes the leadership position to set up the economic order of Christ on outer earth. Yahweh by his predistination power is in control. ]

12. Golden Rule (1) and the Two Great Commandments (2).

**Benjamin** shall plunder as a wolf [survival of the fittest ideas from Satan. Opposite of the Law of One]:
in the morning [covenant of light that is darkness]
he shall devour the prey [ideas],
and at night he shall divide the spoil [benefits of black grace].
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5/3/2019 4:30:49 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
The meaning of the name Abra-Ham is revealed in Genesis Chapter 49 as Jacob blesses his 12 sons. , Joseph married a black Egyptian, And this view on the sea of glass was just about the physical realities of Joseph in Genesis 49.

However, The bough going over the wall in the beginning of Joseph's blessing is traveling over the wall of death. Blacks do not have black souls or black bodies, So when they die, They do not look black, But they have been trained to be poor in spirit and work for someone else as a mortal.

Do we understand? The blacks will be better prepared ro enter the second heaven in Sheol, The abode of the dead. No wonder they have large lips so they remember the rainbow covenant and why they chose a black body in the first place. Wow! Yahweh's previous revelation about the large lips fits this additional knowledge.

Do we understand? Souls want to enter black bodies so they can return poor in spirit and more easily enter the second heaven. Then, They either wait for the resurrection or reincarnate into an Israelite body during the third temple era of translation. This is the truth being hidden by the Sons of God distracting mortals with the supposed curse of Ham that appears to be a curse in mortality, But in eternity, It is a blessing to enter Sheol poor in spirit having NO POWER as a black mortals. They will enter the second heaven more easily than the arrogant white man WITH POWER he assumes is his power. .

The Luciferians will pick off the white man for Lucifer because they love power, But those who have been black mortals will know better to enter the second heaven and how to do it. One cannot enter heaven unless they are born of water as baby through a mother's womb. Something about the process starts the baby in heaven, And therefore, They can enter the second heaven in Shoel if they are poor in spirit, Like the black person who died on a slave ship to the Americas.

The jokes on us. The genetically modified brain of blacks protects the soirit-orb from loving power to enter the second heaven in Sheol to further God's purposes. The blacks are the wise ones for eternity.

Yahweh Elohim is more than brilliant! He is God.

How can we figure it out when we can see only 1/3 of the puzzle in mortality of the first heaven. We cannot see the second or third heaven. We need many more elect occult Israelites on the sea of glass. Go occult Israel!
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5/3/2019 6:58:05 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
As I receive these revelations on the sea of glass, I wonder how the 12 Jewish prophets as the international bankers run our world only understanding 1/3 (only mortality) of the total vision of eternity of the three heavens and how the Sons and Daughters of God have duped them; but I glory in the actions and plans of Yahweh Elohim.

Everything is so perfect for them today to jump off the baby tricycle of black grace power and grow up to ride the motorcycle of Christ and the Mercedes Benz of the Godhead. It is there plopped in their laps. They have all the money power already to accomplish God's will.

Furthermore, They do not need to change any of the inner networking structure of people doing all the work. There are no major structural decisions to make that are the real headaches in business and government to deal with. No. The physical networks are already in place by God! It is just an accounting change that will take a year. It may take less. My estimate was based on initial resistance to change. If they are already on board, Then the time frame could be six months and not 2 years. Very exciting all these things converging at the same time by the power of God, ETs and all.

The people all keep their jobs.

They do not need to talk about Lucifer or Christ as they change the money systems and announce the Year of Jubilee and remove the debt in a discrete way that stays away from the Bible. It is kind of like a parable. They do not explain the Year of Jubilee from the Bible and are silent about it, Just like my books do not mention the name of God, But those who see will see and those who don't will not see it. The debt stays secular in the public narrative.

Very interesting. Especially with the ETs showing up to confront the public religious narratives. The narrative the ETs are from outer space stay in place. The current Biblical paradigms will be history. Reincarnation truths will be restored to everyone. The Law of One will unify the planet. Yahweh knows exactly what He is doing.

So as the network stays in place, And the same people are paid to do their temporal jobs, The bankers will transition the financial system to be an honest one, And nobody will know what they are doing, Except those few who have been reading DDO. They will know what God is doing to glorify Himself and take His good heart eventually to the world, Increasing faith in the Creator in occult Israel based on the evidence.

Very interesting, Isn't it? I can't wait to send the 7 volumes of solutions to the person who needs it. The prophet I work with received the name, Finally, Of the person to receive the flash drive, And he will know what to do with it. Today the prophet has the name, But not the timing. Now we need to wait on the Lord's timing.

As the saying goes, "Patience is a virtue". This is getting quite exciting now. It is really happening soon. I started the financial research way back in 2010! It is the culmination of over 30 years of my professional career in accounting and finance. And I still have to wait a little longer, The Lord is going to glorify His name and fulfill all the Biblical prophecies differently than all the religions combined claim about the end of world. The waiting is killing me because the money is the foundation of everything.

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