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Psalms 22: Overcoming Satan Part #4

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2/7/2019 1:34:14 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
I am poured out like water [God's Word],
and all my bones [skeletal framework of paradigms of God]
are out of joint [God's truth of white grace bones produce life blood ideas, Called marrow, Are twisted out of place by Satan. I have listed 35 paradigms out of joint on this board, Only to name a few. There are many more]:

my heart is like wax [used with candles];
it is melted [in the light]
in the midst of my bowels [of mercy and compassion].

My strength [of will]
is dried up like a potsherd [a piece of broken pottery has no water of the Word of God in the light in this dark place];

It is like the pottery vase is broken and the Word of God dries up, And no scripture can remove the darkness. The ideas are dried up by Yahweh to test our faith and trust in Him, While in the darkness. The spirit-orb will loses it strength, And sometimes, Going to bed and sleeping is about all we can do to avoid making a dumb decision in the darkness. We don't drink alcohol or take drugs or have sex to hide the darkness. No. We confront the darkness of Satan face on. We double down having faith in Yahweh. Then the light turns on, And the Lord enlightens and renew our mind with scipture in the light with an eternal idea that is the truth. That is our reward of faith.

Let us continue. . .

and my tongue cleaveth to my jaws [keep the mouth of the spirit-orb shut and listen. Silence the heart. Quit talking silently. ];
and thou hast brought me into the dust [spirit-orb will]
of death [darkness of the dragon. No light].
For dogs [irrational thoughts filled with barking emotions]
have compassed me [pure darkness surrounds the spirit-orb]
the assembly [group think of mortal ideas]
of the wicked [ideas that love black grace power]
have inclosed me [their mortal ideas trigger Satan in me]:
they pierced my hands and my feet [Athought many believe this is the physical body of Christ, It is not. Christ had nails in his wrists, Not His hands].

Therefore, Satan pierces the 10 commandments of choice and 10 commandments of the path to stop Israel from become gods and goddesses.

Cover the flesh to renew the mind. These poor interpretaions of scipture are for the carnal mind and flesh to cover up doubts of dumb ideas, Which doubts are inspired by the Logos Word of Reason. No blame or shame. Christians who keep bashing the god and goddess idea will be angels in eternity, Which is what they wanted as a spirit-orb before strapping on the seatbelt of Yahweh's roller-coaster ride of predestination. Do not waste time arguing about the truth. CASTING PEARLS BEFORE SWINE. THE MESSIAH SAID NOT TO DO IT.

Let us continue. . .

I may tell all my bones [true white-grace framework of ideas of life, The creation of bone marrow to produduce life in the blood]
they [other spirit-orbs]
look and stare upon me [my ideas, But do not comprehend what I say].

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