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Psalms 22: Overcoming Satan Part #5

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2/7/2019 3:10:44 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
They [spirit-orbs of mortal ideas]
part my garments among them, And cast lots upon my vesture [Cover the flesh. They divide the Word of God to cause confusion, Such as 30, 000 Christian churches are based on different ideas, Not different humans. Then they gamble for the afterlife ideas they suppose are true, Such as heaven and hell, Which are not what Christ taught].

Yes, This also happened physically with the clothing of the mortal Yahushua the Messiah, But that is not helpul to our spirit-orbs. The prophecy is helpful to connect the outer to the inner, To realize the power of the cross is Christ willing His death, And the predestination power of prophecy, With the truth of reincaranation, Creates the faith needed to becomes translated gods and godesses. Without these key ideas, We will never develop the faith to be translated like Enoch. The color orange represents our faith is like Enoch's:

1 Predestination power of God's will is for Isreal is to be gods and godesses.
2. Power of the cross demonstates Yahwheh Elohim's power over death and life.
3. Reincarnation keeps us trying if we fail in this life.
4. Everything comes together in the third temple era of salvation.

Let us continue. . .

But be not thou far from me [Repent, For the kingdom of heaven is at hand or near]
O Lord [Yahweh Elohim]:
O my strength, Haste thee to help me [spirit orb].
Deliver my soul from the sword [mortal words against translation];
my darling [lover in spiritual sex]
from the power of the dog [emotioal barking of irrational eternal ideas of laws, When eternity has no laws].
Save me from the lion's mouth [false words of Satan created by the black grace power of the Father]:
for thou hast heard me [pray and repent of the goat horn ideas of Satan]
from the horns of the unicorns [multiple spirit-orbs leave the circle of unity of the one unified goat black power to go on the translation path alone].

The unicorn is white grace power of the Father working with self reather than Satan. A unicorn horse is not a goat, But the horn associate it with goat with one horn. Unicorns have four legs of self. The unicorns represent the occult leaving the oaths and covenants of man made in the name of Satan, But as the Father's white grace power as unicorn ideas inside, And they do not break any oaths made to the Creator.

Popcorn illustrates the path of translation, And the individuals unicorn spirit-orbs believe in Israel's predistinated path, And they want to be part of it privately. Unicorn means they are not telling anyone else about their new path, But are doing it alone, Retaining relationships with friends and family that are still goats and in an oath and covenant with men and Satan. The goats need the unicorns.

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