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Facts Speak For Themselves

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2/19/2019 8:57:30 AM
Posted: 12 months ago
Isn't it interesting when one looks at the complete shemozzle one thread can cause, Especially when dealt with by those who are not particularly au fait with reality?

For example, If one looks at the topic "As A Dedicated Christian. . . . " we can see that not one theist could directly address the thread yet resorted to picking at side issues which had nothing to do whatsoever with the essence of the thread.

Yet, Let's have a look at exactly the same thread posted again yet devoid of anything that could be construed as contentious and therefore sidetracked. . . . . . "Let's Have Another Go".

Nothing contentious there, And it is very clear what the thread is about, Namely why Christians choose to ignore rules set in place by the Bible except one. . . . . The vilification of homosexuals.

But, Oh well, Here we go again, Diversions in order to avoid the context of the thread.

Why could this be?

Could it be that theists have an inbuilt resistance (as preached by their superiors) to anything that dares challenge their peculiar beliefs?

I'm not stating anything, But don't the facts speak for themselves?

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