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Joke Explained

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2/19/2019 10:42:53 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
We all hate explaining our own jokes but of course many people of a certain, Should I say, spiritual persuasion don't always get such heathen humour.

So, Let me explain the dilemma of choice as outlined in the topic The Obvious Answer.
Of course, Everyone of all persuasions is invited to offer intelligent debate afterwards.

Just say one of those nasty atheist-invented buses comes along the road and you choose to ignore one of those nasty atheist-invented "don't walk" traffic lights.

Now, Your God-created body is going to be in a not so perfect, Angelic condition, Right?
In fact, Your sacred wine (blood) is exodusing your body at a somewhat more than heavenly rate, And your Christianly-impassioned organ called a heart is being shown to the world; literally, Right?

So then, The friendly neutral paramedic asks you which of the two hospitals (as outlined in the OP) you would be desirous of attending in order for you to continue your divine work in this heathen kingdom, Right?

Now, Being a good Christian you are not going to opt for the nasty, Sinful, Scientificomated atheist hospital, You ask to go to thine holy spiritual hospital where those lovely compassionate people will cure you. You will be wheeled into, Not the operating theater, But the prayer room and the caring preacher will operate on you with prayers. Then the chiropractor will wave his activator thingo and your mangled spine will miraculously crack itself into place. Then the lovely caring naturopath (who speaks in a whispering, Pseudo-caring voice) rubs some herbal cream over your body, The bleeding stops and your heart pops back into position. . . . . Right?

But wait. . . . . Here's the punchline.

Paramedic: Geeziz bloody Kerrrist. We better go straight round the back of the hospital and drop this one off at the morgue department.

Ambulance Driver: Naah, Just take him to the ER. I'm itching to get a coffee and some donuts and we would have to wait one helluva long time to get into the morgue department at this (so-called) hospital.

Paramedic: True, The morgue department is so bloody busy there it would take us hours of waiting.

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