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Teaching Theists

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2/24/2019 10:37:04 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
(Some little kids are sitting in the classroom for backward learners at a suburban preschool. )

Ethong: Miss, What does de, Del, "denooded" mean? Coz all the kids in the brainy class keep calling us that.

Teacher: The word is "deluded" Ethong. It is a hard word isn't it but it means that you are very special. So special that you think and do lots of special things that nobody else does.

Ethong: Derrr, Well, I think I am going to tell everybody all them special things what I think of.

Teacher: That's the spirit Ethong.


Ethong: Miss, Boo hoo hoo! I told that Witlow kid in the brainy class some special things and he said that all us kids in the loony class are stupid, Boo hoo hoo!

Teacher: That's quite all right Ethong. He was using the word in the literal sense:
Stupid |Stju:pid|adjective having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense
So, You see, It has been proven that people in the loo, . . . I mean intellectually challenged class, Are not as intelligent as normal people, Also because you sense special things rather than common things.

Ethong: Aw gee Miss, Can we go and figh, . . . I mean, Er play in the sandpit. I want to show Witlow how special sand is.

Teacher: (! ? )

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