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Have You Ever Been Hypnotised?

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3/8/2019 8:44:23 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
I recall not long ago going to a conference at a luxury resort, As one does.
Anyhow, Comes the lavish dinner and drinks and the entertainment was a hypnotist.

Having skulled more than my fair share of daiquiris, I somehow got dragged up on stage to be one of the respondents.

The hypnotist then gets his subjects to undergo a test to tell whether or not they are able to be hypnotised. I was one of those who failed and got kicked off the stage.

So, The remaining subjects get put under hypnotism with oogidy-boogidy waves of some sort and do all the usual stupid things they are told to do such as clucking like a chicken. Everyone has a great laugh and the whole thing gets talked about at work for days afterwards.

As we all know, There is no such thing as hypnotism and those who are "susceptible" to hypnotism are just gullible nitwits who will fall for anything.

It got me to thinking though, Is there a correlation between those who respond to hypnotism and those who are sucked in by religion?

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