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Karma is Real in the afterlife Part #2

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3/12/2019 8:54:07 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
My first thread about Karma covered the truth that Karma is real if our spirit-orb believes in the idea in the afterlife, And if we condemn ourselves for sin in a past life, Then we will be condemned. The self-condemnation of Karma can be lodged secretly in the spirit-orb, And we do not even know it. The grace of God can remove it. He has no blame or shame for past sin. It is a lie about God the spirit-orb believes because religions do not know God's Character of grace and the purpose of sin.

Overcoming all sin is just for Israel to learn about the dragon of black grace in us and how to overcome the controlling dragon and the beast to be translated to become gods and goddesses.

The Bible is not necessary to become an angel. The grace of God does not care about past sins or karma. Mortals predestinated to be angels can eliminate the word sin from their vocabulary and be happy by living a moral law such as "do no harm" to humans or animal or the environment. Overcoming sin has no relevance.

Belief in the Creator's good grace of no blame, Shame. Or guilt from past sins releases the mind from the power of karma in our reincarnated predestined roller coaster ride designed by Yahweh for us to know good and evil. As the saying goes, "Sh*t happens" to every one on the rollercoaster ride, And we agreed to ride it before we were born. No blame. No shame. No guilt for whatever happens. Free will and mortality with its Yin Yang laws of opposite energies is only TEMPORARY.

Chill out everyone. Evil will not last forever! Eternity has no evil in it. The dragon and beast system is remove from everyone in the resurrection. Physical hell does not exist or karma in the resurrection of everyone.

But these truths are not enough to end karma for many who are being reprocessed as new mortals in reincarnation, For they are taught half-truths about the afterlife that affect "their karma". The mind needs to be clear about the afterlife and why some people want to be resurrected angels in the glory of the dimmest star and why others desire the responsibility of being gods and goddesses on the straight, Narrow, And difficult path of occult Israel in the glory of the sun.

Everyone is predestined for the happiest eternity that is possible, Depending on how God created each one of our spirit orbs for eternity. The spectrum of light is from star, Sliver of the moon, Quarter moon, Half moon, Full moon, Dawn, Sunrise, To brilliant noon day sun. By having a spectrum of light, Everyone's needs and desires are met perfectly.

Ok. So what? You ask. Here is the key to the afterlife. The resurrection has three different kinds of spiritual bodies (stars, Moon, And sun) each with their own frequency of light. However, There is an inverse relationship between the physical strength of the resurrected body verses the translation light and power of God managed by grace through faith in Yahweh Elohim. Some souls love physical works and activity to do things with their bodies. The more they love the outer kingdom works, The stronger physical body they will receive in the resurrection, But the less light they will receive from Yahweh to manage good and evil in eternity. More power in the body means less power in the light and glory of God.

On the other hand, The more a spirit-orb wants to overcome the dragon and its beast system inside and be like Yahweh Elohim, The physically weaker the translated body is. However, They have access to govern universes by grace through the power of faith in Yahweh Elohim by using their vast knowledge of good and evil as a result of overcoming the dragon and beast in mortality by killing all dumb ideas in the spirit-orb by the eternal Word of God in the light.

That eternal path of Life is not physical at all. One path is not better or worse than another, No. One is physical outer kingdom focused with its own satisfying rewards. The other is inner kingdom focused, Having less focus on the body strength. Therefore, Melchizedek had power to rain down fire on his enemies as a god or translated being, But he did not have the physical strength or desire to collect the spoils of war. Then Abraham was asked to collect the spoil with his men for they had the stronger bodies to do it.

That does not mean Yahweh cannot make the body stronger if needed, Such as when Heavenly Father wrestled with Jacob and dislocated his hip. But without strength from Yahweh. The body is naturally weaker than the angels. That is why Jacob grabbed Heaven Father to wrestle with him in the first place to receive assurance he would receive the blessings of Abraham to be like Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father did not look very strong.

Therefore, Those who want to be a god or goddess sacrifice the strength of the body to govern the thoughts by grace through faith to do whatever God tells them to do in the moments and walk in His will and not their own will as they walk in the light. God then uses His Power to glorify Himself through them. Those who don't want that assignment are resurrected into bodies that are more physically powerful for that is what makes them happy forever.

Karma throws a wrench into the truth of eternity because it assumes karma lasts for ever, When it does not. Everyone is happy in eternity with what body they wanted in the end. Climbing up some kind of pyramid structure of power is not what happens in the afterlife after the resurrection. For example, If someone enjoys painting or gardening or riding horses with the body, They will be given whatever they need to do that for eternity. Whatever a person loves to do that is good, That is what they will enjoy doing forever.

The Bible has very deep thoughts about good and evil, But it is only intended for the gods and goddesses of eternity of Israel. It is not intended for angels who will enjoy using the physical body for its pleasure. Angels do not have to eat to live, Therefore, They eat for pleasure and grow food for pleasure, Like Adam and Eve tended the Garden of Eden. They do not work for survival. They are immortal in the third heaven.

Everyone will have bodies to enjoy sex for ever, But angels are sterile and the gods and goddesses create immortal children to keep the Cosmic War going to know good and evil in the universe, And God pleasures them with new knowledge and not physical activity. One spirit-orb likes knowledge. The other one likes physical activity. Do we like apply pie or cherry pie? See? Judging each other for eternity is nonsense to believe in Jesus or burn in hell forever. Dumb idea.

There will be no karma. Karma only exists before the resurrection because a spirit orb believes in karma, And God creates that reality for them. It is catch 22. It exist because we believe, And we believe because it exists. Same is true of many of our realities we create that are mere illusions of mortality and are temporary realities. The Words of Christ are not temporary, But eternal truth in the light.

Therefore. Karma creates its own realities to live with to burden the spirit-orb and soul feelings. It is only temporary to know good and evil. It ends immediately when we receive the grace of God that does not care about past sin.

That being said, We will all be VERY happy with the body we chose to live in for eternity. The white grace on the sea of glass will teach the elect these truths to avoid deception from the dragon and beast system of darkness in us. The dragon is the god of death. Ra (Lucifer) is not. He is a Son of God, But very inept and incompetent about the purpose of mortality and eternity. Only the Father and Christ have the knowledge of good and evil from Yahweh Elohim to know what the purpose of mortality is. Both of them met the requirements of translation to join Enoch and Melchizedek as gods.

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