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Elongated skulls. . . Interuesting. . . What?

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3/19/2019 5:54:40 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
Everyone knows about the elongated skulls and mystery that surrounds them. But the top leaders know all about the truth from the Sons and Daughters of God that told them. But what did they NOT tell them?

Yahweh did not intend to give Ra the control of peace on outer earth as he worked on his genetic projects to control eternal life off planet. Over the last 150, 000 years, On outer earth, Yahweh would transfer sperm from a man to a women to create virgin births. It never happened in inner earth.

However, On outer earth, The child was born to be a demigod that ruled, Who was actually just a reincarnated mortal. The virgin birth could be a male or female. When the child grew, He or she was honored as a god. When the adult received the authority to rule, The king commanded the ET scientists to make his children's brain bigger to connect with the gods to think his way out of death. After working on the goal, The ETs found a way to increase the size of the brain for the children for the demi-gods who were held in great honor for their virgin births.

However, Then the children grew up with incredible brain power that activated their dragons to lust for power to increase their kingdoms. When Yahweh impregnated to or three virgin women at the same time, The demi-god kings and queens warred with each other using high-minded triple-chess strategies. Love was never the issue. They could not obey the Law of One that Ra taught.

Yahweh created demi-god reincarnated mortals to teach the Law of One did not work when the kings could not follow it, Which created chaos instead of peace and order. The Lord did not send demigods to inner earth with virgin births, So the Lord can teach the Law of One does work to control the dragons in us.

But the goal of occult Israel is not just to control their dragons in mortality, But to remove them individually by translation. The Law of One is a step in the right direction towards the final goal for occult Israel to become gods or goddesses. No one need fear the Law of One. No. The money systems of inner earth based on a caste society of slaves are a serious threat to outer earth freedoms. Yahweh is going to remove the economic threat, Which he outlines in Daniel 2. His rock ideas will also remove our current clay methods of debt slavery.

Back up to the middle ages and a few virgin births. When the so-called demi-god became of age, He was transferred supernaturally to inner earth and met the ETs. The ETs assumed the virgin births were done by the Creator to connect with the king's family so they could control outer earth population growth rates, Which they did. Then the king was transferred back to outer earth, And the ETs worked with him personally to create the elongated skull and brain for the first born male child, Creating a communication access to outer earth to control the population growth by ignorance, War, And secret biological weapons.

The Sons of God had a boatload of half truths they told the Luciferians to trigger their dragons by using the Old Testament scripture about the first-born male child. Then the king created the funny looking hat for the Pope to wear to cover the elongated brain. Therefore, The king and son worked side-by-side to rule the Dark Ages. This only happened with two kings and two Popes, But I do know which ones. The light will not tell me.

This is how the Lord fulfilled Daniel 2 prophecy about the iron legs of the ETs working secretly with the outer earth. Yahweh stopped the Dark Ages and discontinued the virgin births on outer earth, Which virgin births He has never done before in the inner earth to preserve the Law of One working in perfect harmony as it I today.

That being said, The leaders at the top know the truth, And they all seek to be genetically related to the two demigod kings to have the right to rule. Obviously, They do not share the ideas with the public.

The 12 Jewish international bankers know all about it. However, No one can figure out the truth publically because the kings and Popes have created a historical record to hide the truth. The ETs have been working intimately with Western outer earth since the Dark Ages.

The Lord also sent demigods and elongated skulls to other cultures at the time of the Dark Ages so the ETs could monitor and interface with the entire earth. The communication gradually increased with outer earth after the Dark Ages into what it is today after Yahweh dropped the Atom bombs on Japan to draw them out of inner earth by His strategies.
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