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Great Rewards of being a God or Goddess

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3/20/2019 3:17:34 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
For those who are predestinated to be gods or goddesses, The reward is being eternal parents to manages the powers of both good and evil to create immortal children in a family unit to glorify Yahweh Elohim.

It may sound like Mormonism's work-based doctrines No. It is not. Look at the word predestinated. And the idea blows Mormonism out of the water. We are saved to be gods or goddesses or angels by grace through faith. It is a gift of God to glorify Yahweh Elohim; not of works, Lest anyone should boast. No one boasts in heaven because everyone is poor in spirit and lowly in heart. They love Yahweh's heart and not His power. Therefore, Yahweh gives them a portion of His power to manage properly. They know how to manage the dragon in them as mortals or God removes the dragon completely by translation. They know good and evil.

Those who love babies and little children are in for a treat as gods and goddesses. Their children remain children and never grow up. For example, Mortal Mother's love their babies and little children and wish they never grow up, Which can frustrate a mortal father as "babying" the teenager or adult. The father and mother know the child must grow up and face the realities of mortality to survive.

However, With immortal families of the gods and goddesses, The children are not designed to grow up but remain as little children forever. Their outer bodies grow up, But their hearts remain innocent of the knowledge of good and evil forever, And the Mother God gets her mortal wish to love her babies forever. The exception are Sons of God like Ra (Lucifer) who kill mortals like Eve and are cast into hell fire to destroy body and soul. Yahweh then recycles the spirit orb through mortality so the child can be translated into an adult god that knows good and evil. Therefore, The child returns to its parents as an adult with complete memory of the past

Therefore, The Mother and Father God are never in pain because they never lose any children in eternity. It is true, A few sons and daughters become prodigal sons and daughters and lost, But they are all found. They repent and return home. All of them. Therefore, If a person loves children, Then being a god or goddess has great rewards as the Bible teaches. The light is just defining what "great rewards" of a prophet really means, Which includes the joy and peace of walking in the light and increasing one's knowledge forever and ever. All prophets are called like Abraham to create immortal children forever like the stars of heaven.

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