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Elect Lady On The Sea of Glass

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3/21/2019 8:44:53 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
When we reach heaven we know who the 24 elders are who throw of their crowns at His feet. They are Christ (2) placed in front of self (4) who are serving in the spirit. When Christ said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan, " he was talking to his dragon of self or 4. In Revelation it is talking about the dragon in our spirit orbs living with the male part of our spirit. The female part of our spirit orb is the 144, 000 Bride of Christ will follow Christ in the male wherever the spirit orb goes.

To be clear, This is for both mortal men and women. Men have both and Women have both. So as the male spirit orb follows Christ and repents, The female spirit orb side in each of us will follow Christ and the truth in the Light of God that has no darkness.

Throwing off the crown means 100% of your mind is devoted to God. The vision does not show them putting their crowns back on their head because the vision is about entering heaven to use the Holy Spirit to become gods and goddesses.

Therefore, In dealing with our wife, Or wives, Or concubines, Or children or those mortals at work, , If we are in the Spirit serving the Lord 100% of the time, And our wives or children or coworker or boss come to us with a need or question, Our male spirit orb dimension must go over and pick up our crown and focus 100% on the temporal needs of our family, Worker, Friends, Or boss to move to the outer kingdom needs. We must know how to swing the pendulum from one dimension at a 100% commitment of inner kingdom to 100% commitment to the outer kingdom in the Father to balance the negative energy of the dragon in us.

We must not go into a male cave of spiritual ecstasy to ignore any of our wives, Concubines, Or children, Or coworkers, Or bosses in the temporal dimension--ever. We are never to become monks. That idea began in the Catholic Church to control us with words.

We are either following the Spirit of the Son of Yahweh Elohim on the inside bu the Spirit, Or the Father Spirit of Yahweh Elohim on the outside. The occult has already met the Father Spirit of Yahweh Elohim of the Most High God on the outside to the "soul level" by grace through faith. Now they need to work with the Son on the inside.

Our families will be with us forever, And we must learn the true pendulum balance from 100% to 100% within the New Jerusalem and the New World Order that is coming to manage to negative and positive energies in the light.

2 John 1:1
The Elder [the male side of our spirit],
To the elect lady and her children [the female side that births the ideas],
whom I love in truth, And not only I, But also all those who have known the truth, Because of the truth which abides in us and will be with us forever:

When I received from the light the Book of Revelation was published to the assemblies in AD 40, My carnal brain assumed it was written at the same time. However, The revelation was give sooner and distributed to the apostles and only to the 7 assemblies in Asia who had advanced to the elect lady of the 144, 000 based on the teaching of Yahushua in Matthew and John and those who had not entered heaven yet. In AD 40, It was distributed to all the assemblies as I was told. He had to hold back the truth because I believed the Elder and Elect Lady were bodies and not spirit orbs.

Those learning to walk in the light need to realize God has to work with the false paradigms in our heads and hearts from religions and theologians. Changing perspective of the mind is not lying on the path or Way of perception. The truth is the truth and never changes.

Now I know the truth about the Elder and Elect Lady. And It will never change again about who they are.
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3/21/2019 9:00:27 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
2 John 1 does a brilliant job of describing the elders and elect lady on the sea of glass. For those who work on overcoming negative energy in the light will understand. Just like the Lord said those with ears will see the abomination of desolation and know it is the destruction of Hebrew culture and ideas by the Luciferians who created the phony Jesus Christ narratives with long hair after the third Century by the Catholic Church. No blame or shame. Yahweh did it with His Almighty power to flush out Ra and the ETs in a very harmless way to translate occult Israel to become gods and goddesses.
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3/23/2019 5:44:33 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
The Elder [male part of spirit orb or 24 Elders],
to the elect lady [female part of spirit orb of the 144, 000]
and her children [ideas],
whom I [my male spirit orb]
love in truth [purple color of love and truth in Christ],
and not only I [my male spirit orb],
but also all those [spirit orbs]
who have known the truth [in male Christ and in the Holy Spirit female. In Christ dwell all four parts of the Godhead. The idea of the word "head" in Godhead come from the translated man in Ezekiel 1],
because of the truth which abides in us [our spirit orbs]
and will be with us forever:

Grace, Mercy, And peace [results of heaven]
will be with you from God the Father [Translated Man in the Spirit in of the Father Yahweh Elohim]
and from the Lord Jesus Christ [Translated Adam],
the Son of the Father [in the Spirit of the Son in Yahweh Elohim],
in truth and love [Royal balance of purple, Blue and red].

I rejoiced greatly that I have found some of your children [ideas]
walking in truth [of Christ],
as we received commandment from the Father [to walk in the light].
And now I plead with you, Lady [144, 000],
not as though I wrote a new commandment to you, But that which we have had from the beginning [at the creation of our spirit orbs in Genesis 1-3 with the light]:
that we love one another [when the light of God shines].
This is love, That we walk [in the light]
according to His commandments [etched in our hearts from the beginning of the light through many path lives].
This is the commandment, That as you have heard from the beginning [of creation], You should walk in it [when the light turned on in the darkness, And we saw God].

For many deceivers [Luciferians]
have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ [as the Son of God]
as coming in the flesh [Lucifer was never mortal. Luciferian moles saw the glorious Lucifer a Son of God, And they claimed Christ cannot also be a Son of God. ]
This is a deceiver [Luciferian]
and an antichrist [Teaches the opposite of Christ].

Look to yourselves [spirit orbs],
that we do not lose those things we worked for, But that we may receive a full reward [and be translated into gods and goddesses as we pass the tests of Yahweh between His two Sons, Christ and Lucifer, In the third heaven. Will we love Yahweh's Character in Christ? Or will we love Yahweh's power in Lucifer? ].
---------end of letter-------------

This is the end of the letter, But the Luciferians added the ending to change the salvation equation from grace through faith into a works-based philosophy. The Logos Word of Reason will spot out the errors as all the elect stand in the light on the sea of glass.
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3/23/2019 6:28:11 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
The scriptures were quite easy to change with the approval of Yahweh with the intention of flushing our the ETs in our day. By adding text, The Catholic Church could claim they found an older manuscript that lost some text and they were restoring it to new. Or they could truncate Luke because no one had it because it was send to an individual and not the assemblies. The assemblies would not know the text had been changed. Let us go through the last 4 verse in 2 John 1. The elect can spot the irrational change in thoughts in a flash:

2 John 1:9-13
Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God [False. No one transgress in the light. We either believe the idea, Reject it, Or become lukewarm].

He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son [False. No one abides in doctrine. We abide in the light. The doctrine leads us into the light. The ideas remain, But we do not walk in ideas. We are not our ideas, Feelings, Deeds, Positions of authority, Our things, Etc. ].

If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine [they turn from the commandment to walk in the light from the beginning of our creation to embrace works-based doctrines of deed that is ONLY for mortality. John is not talking to bodies for mortality. The law goes away in eternity. The Elder is speaking to eternal spirit orbs],

do not receive him into your house nor greet him [Now they are instructing believers to not use love like the new commandment. What a contradiction! ],

for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds [Now the Luciferian deceivers change love into evil].

Having many things to write to you, I did not wish to do so with paper and ink; but I hope to come to you and speak face to face, That our joy may be full. [This covers the short letter and made the excuse to add more to hide it. No. The Elder wrote exactly what He was supposed to write to the 144000 in only 8 verses].

The children of your elect sister greet you. [There is no sister elect. There is only one spirit orb in each elect person].

Amen [The Amen should be moved under verse 8, The number of translation].
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3/23/2019 11:38:04 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
The whole point is to strive to reach the sea of glass of the elect 144000 to assist the assembly to not be deceived. The early disciples knew about the male and female inside us, But the occult today only goes to the soul level. They need to dig deeper.

Whoever loses self for Christ's sake, Will find it. But whoever seeks to find the soul, Will not find self. Self is absorbed by the soul and gets lost in soul feelings and the beast system of the five senses and future and past carnal mind. (5+2=7). The dragon leads the beast with counterfeit love, Fear, And guilt. The entire process of thought, Mind, Will, And feelings is documented in the 22 Chapters of Revelation.

There is nothing wrong with pleasures of the flesh. It just needs to be controlled on a leash of the Golden Rule.

There is nothing wrong with billions of dollars. Again, The carnal mind needs to be on a tight leach to tame the dragon and beast.

We cannot kill the dragon or beast. Only God can kill them both with translation by grace through faith. Until then, We walk them both like dogs on a leash. Never let the leash go, Which is the Golden Rule to balance out negative and positive energy power inside us using Yin Yang. When we let go of the leash, We end up in a disaster by our dragon and beast in us. Solution? Walk in the light and renew the mind.

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