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Evil Exemplified

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3/23/2019 11:06:18 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
We hear religious patriarchs preaching the trepidations of encountering evil.

Those gullible or naive enough to even listen to these unscrupulous charlatans dictate what constitutes moral wrongness would have to be oblivious to the reality that such edicts are derived from crude and primitive societal standards that were the norm thousands of years ago.

Take the Christian view on homosexuality for example. For no other reason, Than "it is written", Christians are urged to be homophobic, In other words, Bigotted towards perfectly normal, Caring members of society who so happen to belong to a minority group.

Society has successfully battled to finally break the shackles (initiated by hard-nosed religious zealots) that have stifled decency and respect for others for so long.

The confounding morbid facets of religion; hatred, Doom, Gloom, And fear-mongering are based on ancient and flimsy superstitions that have no place whatsoever in a modern, Civilized, And educated society.

There is, Of course, No such thing as a God or creator of life and anyone who takes advantage of the vulnerability of others to churn out gratuitous lies and deceit for their own nefarious ambitions is propagating nothing but evil.

Religion is pure evil.

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