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Word Master Has Two Meanings

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3/24/2019 3:38:49 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
A master is an expert at a subject or skill to teach. A master is also a slave owner. Interestingly, Christ was the Master at thought to free all slaves. They are free of the dragon and beast system to know how to put them on a leash first, And then over time, God will kill them in translation or the resurrection.

God frees the spirit orbs using eternal truth. He frees men, Women. And children. He frees them from religions, Governments, Businesses, And universities in the heart. The freed and oppressed can still work in all the institution to get a paycheck. However, The work is no longer in the heart, But it is just a job until God puts you in the kingdom of heaven and moves you where your skills are needed to fulfill your predestinated purpose in Yahweh.

The scripture says, Seek first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness (Not Self Righteousness of Religions or the Self Righteousness of the dragon and beast system) and all the temporal things of money and power will be added later. If we already have money, We keep it. We wants God to glory Himself without stealing any of His glory. How? By keeping the relationship totally private with Him in our hearts. If you shut you mouth about your private business, Then He/She will reward you openly in your heart.

Shocker. Prepare yourself for something new. Christ obeyed the Law, But He never went Church every week. The First Covenant scriptures do not command it. He only did what the Bible says to do. The church thing came later. The congregations of Israel only met a few times during the year, And not everyone attended, But word was sent back to them. The moon was their monthly calendar.

The story about the 12 year old Jesus going to argue scripture in the temple is as phony as the name Jesus. His name was Hebrew not Gentile. A prophet told me an audible voice from God said the story was an added lie.

In the first century. They gathered assemblies in houses because they all worked together in communities and walked in the light. Then they went home after work like we do today. Totally free. Everyone got paid money for the job. Everyone had a job that wanted one. No force.

Those who wanted to start their own businesses did so with investment money from the communities, And they worked and prayed to make it happen. The labor force was baptized members. Then they met every week for the Agape meal and discuss scripture in a circle of unity and a cube of equality. They also shared spiritual gifts in the light to help overcome sin to be translated as gods and goddesses as they used the Golden Rule in their businesses. The businesses flourished based on trust vs government law like the United States used to be like eons ago. They use handshakes instead of law degrees.

In the first century, Yahushua did not believe in Churches built to Him because everyone walked their own path and no one gave orders to anyone spiritually. But they did have leaders to direct the jobs of the laborers only. In contrast, Spiritually speaking, Grace through faith and prayer privately was everything. The only One Trusted Leader, Christ, Lead them to enter heaven as a mortal through repentance of true sin and not phony ones incorrectly defined as sin, There are a zillion laws of man to break. There are only 10 Commandments of God. Breaking a law of man is not a sin.

I used to teach Christ went "to church" every week. See how past assumptions can effect our thinking in the light? As the light corrects you, This will happen all the time as you become poor in spirit as Adam/Christ did. I was going to write the Lord went to synagogues every week, And I was corrected in the moment by the Light.

Religions are evil. They steal our money. The assemblies of Christ did just the opposite. They gave jobs and money to baptized members.

That being said, The Son of God had power over death at will. We don't. We do not have the mission Christ had. Therefore, We can preserve our friendships and family by attending church as a normal social club of humans like the Rotary Club or a Hiking Club. But all religions are vomit to Him. Everyone is dying.

It is being wise. Some of our friends we have had for a long time. Our family even longer. We do not want to loose those friends and family by any drastic changes. Keep God in your heart private, And you can't go wrong with your friends or family. Just nod your head as you hear the religious mumbo jumbo. You only have to sit for an hour and say nothing. That is worth preserving a friendship, Isn't it?

Your relationship with God is private and separate from your friends and family. If you family walks in the light with you, Then that is a whole different matter.

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