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The True Meaning Of Easter

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4/19/2019 11:02:16 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
Hello, All you lucky young kiddleywinks out there in Google land.

I bet that you just can't wait to chomp down on all those lovely Easter eggs; and then, Probably end up puking the whole lot up over your brothers and sisters. It's all part of the fun of Easter, Isn't it? Nothing like a good chuck to clear the system out, I always say.

But, You know what? Easter isn't so yummy and fun to some people.

Apparently, There are less fortunate and mentally impaired folk who actually think that Easter is all about some fairytale man who used to go around telling everyone a lot of lies and nasty things to make them feel scared.

And, Worse still, These people think it was really cool when this horrible man was caught and had absolutely horrible, Unspeakable things done to him until he died. Pretty gruesome stuff to carry on about, Isn't it?

So, Don't you think that you are so lucky that you are not like those gruesome, Bad people who think about such morbid weird things all the time?

Rejoice and continue to munch away on all those chocolate delights this Easter then, Have a good chuck thinking about all those silly sad people out there.

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