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Psalms 22: The answer to the lies

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4/21/2019 4:10:21 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
MasonicSlayer is apparently frustrated (being a good person that loves the truth and cool dogs) with the lies in our world and the consequence of confusion it causes as we swim in an ocean of false narratives, Both insiders and outsiders. Christ gives the brilliant solution in the last sentence of His life on the cross. After telling us what He did all of His life, Then He died by His own volition. See post #5 and #6.

https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4340832/
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4/21/2019 8:16:09 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
As we walk in the light or search for it, Psalms 22 is the best place to start by knowing bot natural and symbolic meanings of words used in increasing mortal and eternal power as humans. The words of David are excellent in mortality and the first heaven as we are asking the Lord to save us from our false paradigms.

Psalm 22 is extremely lousy as a "Messianic Prophecy" because David was not thinking of Christ when He wrote it. As David wrote of His own battles with light and darkness in His private journal that was later made public, God guiding his mind unknowing to create a few passages that refer to Christ on the cross. But David did not know it,

They are a very few for a reason. First and foremost for Christ. He needed to see the prophecy be fulfilled while he was on the cross to keep Adam going to the end, He waited very patiently and silently until the time when He was commanded by the Father to leave His body. Secondly, To tell everyone Psalms 22 is how He personally endured the cross. Without it, He would have failed. That is why He screamed out His testimony of Psalms 22, And by the predestination power of God, Just moments later, He died.

Christ read Psalms 22 privately at home all of his life and used it to stay silent as enemies attacked Him growing up for His love of Yahweh that was the opposite of the evil Jewish religion of His day that controlled the people by Luciferian witchcraft of the leaders. He did NOT use Psalms 22 as a prophecy of Himself. He didn't even know it was a prophecy of Himself until the day He died and Yahweh showed the prophecy to Him on the cross to endure the ordeal. If the prophecy is not in Matthew that God showed Him.

Yahweh learned to trust Yahweh by believing in David's faith and used the principles in His daily life in His deepest and darkest trials in His life. Israel and all of us are in times of light or darkness. It feels great when we are in the light. We love it. But when the darkness comes, We hold onto Yahweh and endure it until the light come out again.

There area actually three meanings of the same word for example.

1, Dog. A poodle for a child to play with.
2. Dog. Applied to a person in the natural setting. A dog does not have an ability reason with natural events or things and can hurt us by their inability to reason; but the dog is more conserved about survival in this dog-eat-dog world. Whichever dog authority barks with the most power they will believe in the natural in the frequencies of body and soul.
3. Dog: Applied to the inner kingdom of knowing eternal truth. Paradigms can be living dogs our spirit-orbs create barking nonsense that screw up the mind.

Psalms Chapter 22 is the key chapter to ponder on the Sabbath to walk in the light and start the processes of dividing the natural outer kingdom of God from the eternal inner kingdom of God. We need to rest our bodies to cover the flesh and use the word in both our natural lives and eternal life to enter and live in heaven simultaneously by managing the power God gives us to be poor in spirit in both inner and outer kingdoms of God.

Never trust religions or theologians. Trust Yahweh and His light in your heart for both natural and eternal meaning of words. The Sabbath is the best time to sort things out in the heart, The command is one day a week in seven. God doesn't care if it is Saturday, Sunday, The Lunar Sabbath, Or any day of the week that best fits your schedule. Just be consistent for your sake. You need the rest and renew the mind with truth to grow properly like a tree needs sunshine and water. The Sabbath was made for man, And not man for the Sabbath.

Some plants can grow with one good soaking of water 1 day a week. But they need some kind of light every day. Some plants thrive in darkness. Type and shadow stuff.
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4/21/2019 8:23:56 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
To all the hypnotized church slave drones who are INCAPABLE of independent thought

RANT? No at all. . . Simply the TRUTH. . . . The TRUTH of the Abrahamic Comic Book Puppet
infect and contaminate the MINDS of these feeble minded humans. . . . How SAD. . . .

even NOW on the so called EASTER HOAX DAY. . . . Psychopaths in the name of some Abrahamic GOD hoax have once AGAIN. . . MURDERED and DESTROYED in the name of their PUPPET "GOD" scapegoat. . . . It NEVER ENDS. . The CONFLICT and AGGRESSION over these pathetic invented by psychopath ABRAHAMIC "GOD" garbage. . . . Is the GREATEST
THREAT to HUMANITY and EARTH. . . . And all 3 Abrahamic "GOD" hoaxes must be relegated IMMEDIATELY to MYTHOLOGY and COMIC BOOK LORE for entertainment only. . . .

What a DISGRACE these 3 pathetic man made "GODS" truly are. . . . All 3 based on FEAR -
- INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE. . . . And where the HELL are any of these 3 IDIOT GODS?

Especially with the MURDER and DESTRUCTION that occurred in Sri Lanka? A place
where NONE of these 3 IDIOTIC GODS ever had a presence. . . Just INVASION of a Culture that thrived long before any of these 3 PUPPET GOD JOKES were invented. . .

DISGUSTING. . . . And what is the POPE CLOWN doing in his Halloween Glory Gown Costume? NOTHING. . . This pathetic HUMAN is NOT a GOD. . . . .

JESUS? If this idiotic Comic Book character ever existed HE would SPIT on all the CHRISTIANS for the DEATH and DESTRUCTION they cause and the never ending retribution the other 2 Abrahamic GOD invented HOAXES want against them

The Abrahamic GODS must DIE. . . And be placed in Comic Book MYTHOLOGY. . . .
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4/22/2019 4:20:08 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
by Religious, Business, And Political PARASITE VAMPIRES. . . To think and reason with an
OPEN MIND to the POSSIBILITIES of anything without inducing FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE. . .

The TRUTH and the LIGHT are simple. . . Each person of capable of becoming a source of inspiration towards all things HEALTHY. . . No GOD NEEDED to accomplish this way of
existing. . . . For NOW. . . The DISEASE of Hypnosis Psychosis brainwashing by GOD vomiting
parasites continues. . . As does the VOMIT from Business and Political VAMPIRES. . . .

In time all will DROP DEAD. . . . This is the TRUTH. . . . And the good news. . . . 100 years from this moment 7 billion humans will have perished. . . . A simple TRUTH. . .

So no matter where YOU are on the 100 year life timeline. . . YOU are temporary. . . . And
will vanish forever in a relatively short period of time going forward. . . NOW WHAT?

Regardless of what has been planted between YOUR EARS and how YOU are processing it. . . . 7 billion humans will DIE. . . . How many PLAY GOD?

No human is a GOD but many act like one. . . The Abrahamic versions are the greatest
THREAT to human existence. . . Proved once again with the MURDERS in Sri Lanka today
in ALLAH's name. . . .

Until HUMANITY agrees to relegate the GODS to meaningless MYTHOLOGY. . . The act
of PLAYING GOD will continue. . . In all sectors of human existence. . . . "GOD" is the
ultimate scapegoat word. . . A word invented by a HUMAN in 400 AD. . . GOD did not exist
in a word. . . It was a construct. . . An idea. . . An EXCUSE. . . For clever humans to get away
with MURDER. . . .

Live your best life NOW. . . And become a source of simple inspiration on behalf of
all things HEALTHY. . . And OPEN MINDED to consider the possibilities without FEAR
INTIMIDATION and VIOLENCE. . . . Today is tomorrow's past. . . . Time for the GODS to be put out to pasture and relegated to meaningless MYTHOLOGY. . . .
to rest. . So humanity can move forward. . . Not backward. . .

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