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Where Do You Shop?

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4/27/2019 11:03:57 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
For example, Do you shop at Costco?
You know, Those supermarkets, Springing up everywhere promoting the idea that shoppers can get their groceries cheaper than anywhere else and be better off.

But if the wary, Educated consumer takes a close look at how such a business operates they wouldn't have a bar to do with it.

For example, Costco charges a membership fee before you can even shop there, A ploy, Of course, To make sure that you keep coming back.
Then, You get a gigantic shopping trolly to make sure that you fill it up with heaps of products that are packaged in bulk quantities.
And the quality? Nothing but the lowest possible, Which you can't compare with other brands since Costco labels their bottom of the heap crap with some fancy-sounding in-house name.

So, In the end, You take home needless quantities of poor quality rubbish for which you paid over-the-top prices. Then, In order to save face, You tell all your friends how great the supermarket is and how you got such amazing bargains.

But of course, You were absolutely ripped off and thousands of weak, Gullible and naive shoppers will follow suit and say what a wonderful supermarket Costco is.

It's a bit like religion really. Once you get sucked into the wholesome, Do-goody image Churches put across to the weak and vulnerable they will push all the fire and brimstone, Guilt, Fear, Doom and gloom down your throat.

Of course, The whole lot about religion is utter lies founded on ill-conceived nonsense concocted by control freaks centuries ago.

Religion. It's a load of absolute cruel, Mind-controlling deception aimed at taking control of the naive, Gullible, Weak and vulnerable.

Don't get sucked in.

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