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Do You Network?

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4/28/2019 8:46:42 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
Well, Of course, You do, Otherwise, You wouldn't be reading this great piece of illuminating prose, Would you?

In particular, I'm talking about Amway. You know, That great American "exclusive buying club" where you can buy everything from clothes to detergent and bypass the usual circle of suppliers and retailers.

Make no mistake, Amway is "pyramid selling", A practice banned by most governments. Although Amway calls its devious and unscrupulous marketing by any other name (e. G. Networking) they duck and dodge legislation to rip people off in a big way.

It's a bit like religion really.
Those at the top of the pyramid in religious organizations are hellbent on ripping-off ordinary folk through deceit and lies tempered by guilt and fear.

So, Why do we have these distasteful, Dishonest and radical groups (e. G. Amway and Churches) squirming their slimy way through decent, Civilized societies?

As long as there are naive, Gullible, Weak and vulnerable people in this world, There are always disreputable con-artists and charlatans who will take advantage of them.

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