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Believe = you DIE no Believe = you DIE

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5/1/2019 9:07:20 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
The GODS most definitely are at the EDGE OF IMAGINATION. . . Where else to they come from?

. . . . . . . The only one that was visible to humanity was the JESUS hoax. . . ? Some white guy
that arrived in human form as an infant. . . . And ended getting BEAT up and NAILED to
a CROSS to send a message to his own creation. . . . . REALLY!

Like how retarded were these tribal imbeciles to need that spectacle of destruction to
learn how to BE MORE THOUGHTFUL and KIND to each other. . . . No need for FEAR -
INTIMIDATION -VIOLENCE. . . Just chill out. . . JESUS gave himself up and DIED (not really
he is a GOD and GODS don't DIE! ) what a hoax! To be so ignorant and foolish to fall
for this baby GOD murdered by ROME on behalf of his own tribe. . . The JEWS who
decided he was not their MESSIAH and must be EXECUTED for his HOAX!

and since Moses time. . All the Middle East does well is MURDER in the name of their
3 GOD hoaxes. . . MURDER the OPEN MIND and MURDER the physical life all for some
Comic Book fabricated GOD hoax. . . . .

If YOU are that STUPID. . . That PATHETIC to be hypnotized into BELIEVING any of the
Middle East JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God GARBAGE. . . Then you truly are BRAIN DEAD. . .

. . . Yes FOOL at some point in time YOU will drop DEAD. . . But to WASTE YOUR EXISTENCE
by falling for some clever GOD hoax invention. . . Then YOU are already DEAD. . . .

Believe the JESUS hoax and ALLAH wants YOU DEAD. . .
Believe the ALLAH hoax and JESUS condemns YOU to HELL and the Roman Church
wants YOU DEAD. . . .
and the JEWS? Well there are so many Parasite VAMPIRES that want to exterminate them that they really have no where to go. . . And like all humans will eventually drop
DEAD. . And attrition into extinction. . . (there are 15 million remaining +-)
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5/1/2019 10:19:35 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
It may surprise you that the following combinations of words are NOT in the Bible:

Eternal Death
Eternal Suffering
Eternal Pain
Eternal Hell

Nobody dies eternally or suffers forever. These false eternal ideas are from the imaginary gods and minds of men that create emotional fear in humans to control and rob them as slaves.

However, The following words occur 32 times next to each other in the Bible:

Eternal Life.

Everyone will live forever in bliss, Even Ra-Lucifer, After our temporary tutoring in good and evil is over. May we all enjoy the predestinated rollercoaster ride of good and evil into eternity to live in whatever immortal body we chose to enjoy in the beginning in Genesis 1.

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