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Structure of The Sermons on the Mount

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5/2/2019 6:04:18 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
The Sermon on the Mount is structured between the mortals predestinated to be gods and goddesses and the mortals predestinated to be angels, Which two groups include all of us. No one is going to die or suffer eternally. Wave good-bye to your religions that teach otherwise and give God a very bad name. He did not create you to eternally kill and torture! Give me a break. Planet earth is mad and insane. Religions are pumping out mental patients on order.

The processes of the beatitudes in chapter 5 is for the gods and goddesses as explained in my 14 posts, But chapter 6 and 7 are needed for children and the mortal angels that see the world by perception and free will. Mortal perception is defined as truth vs eternal truths outside of perception, And we learn to separate mortality with laws from eternity with no laws. Free will is seen as mortal cause and effect vs eternal predication and faith.

Paul's writings are confusing to us today because among the Gentiles they had more angels than gods and he was dealing with this truth with his wisdom, And he even expressed his opinion on occasion, For he was not in Jerusalem with Israel who had many more future gods, And therefore, The Lord saw the people field in Israel was ready to harvest the gods and goddesses, Which the saints and apostles did for 40 years, Until the temple was destroyed in 70 (69) AD.

Most everyone lives in chapter 6 and 7 and never experience the love of God in chapter 5 because of the religions that steal God's glory and rob everyone, Converting the eternal words of Christ into mortal perceptions and opinions, Not understanding how all three chapters are integrated thought for the gods and goddesses to grow up. All three chapters are needed for the rainbow covenant of the 10 Commandments, Golden Rule, And 2 Great Commandments:

Red = God's Love: Matt 5:1-48; Matt 7:1-5; Matt 7:12-14
Orange = Faith: Matt 6:1-18
Yellow = Will of God: Matt 6: 19-22
Green = Life: Matt 6:22-34
Blue = Truth: Matt 7:6-11
Indigo = Double truth: Matt: 7:15-23
Purple = Truth and Love Authority: Matt 7;24-29

Like the 4 wheels of Ezekiet 1, This is not a sequential list of ideas. They are in a color wheel circle with the gods and goddesses managing good and evil with purple that we see in mortality at the bottom of the rainbow and not the counterfeit love, Fear, And guilt of the dragon that is substituted for the love of God. The purple connects the gods and goddesses to Christ that is full of grace and truth. White is all the colors of the wheel that is one integrated wheel of eternal ideas. Mortal perception changes into eternal truth on the path Christ. He is the way of perception of mortality, The truth of eternity in the first and second heaven by revelation through prayer of faith and meditation, And Eternal Life in translation or the resurrection.

In addition to the rainbow colors around God's inner-kingdom throne in Rev 4:3 in heaven, The numbers 1 through 12 also flow in order through the three chapters Matt 5-7 as interconnect thought giving dramatically structured order to the concepts.

Brilliant orderly ideas. Yahweh is more than a genius. He's God.
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5/4/2019 4:47:18 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
How could all of these ideas in three chapters flow into a rainbow covenant that is over God in the inner kingdom in Rev 4:3? How could any man create such a structure of paradigms and flow of ideas? The answer is man cannot do it. But God can as Yahweh Elohim, The Most High Almighty God that predestinates us all to live forever. He is the Logos Word of Reason.

For example, The sermon ends by stating that He taught with authority of God, Which is the perfect balance of truth and love, Or the royal color of purple. The entire Sermon follows the color meaning of the prophets to wrap up the Cosmic War going on earth for150, 000 years, Yahweh is God!

Orange builds our faith by good deeds, Prayer, And fasting that is not done in pretense and hypocrisy by joining a religion to be worried what others are thinking of us.

Yellow is God's will by putting our treasure in Him and His will. For where our treasure is, There will be our hearts also.

Green is life to not be a part of the counterfeit dragon, Beast, And whore system of money power to absorb the power to self. Get our spirit orbs out of the world, But keep our money and use it for Christ's inner righteousness. Seek His kingdom of Righteousness and not the dragon of self-righteousness by grace through faith.

Blue truth is managed by not throwing the pearls of gods and goddesses to swine and praying to know what is true.

Indigo is two blue truth perspectives and one red love to to discern the mortal and eternal differences with love by meeting the false prophets who teach falsehoods by mixing mortality and eternity by misusing the principle of power.

Purple is the foundation of true authority of God to build our house on a rock and not sand by doing what the authority of the balance of truth and love instructs us to believe and do.

The order of the Sermon on the Mount that defines specifically how to live in the first heaven by both the future angels in chapter 6 and 7 and the future gods and goddesses as the goal in chapter 5 cannot be underestimated because the Sermon is from God.

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