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Have You Ever Being Conned?

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5/4/2019 10:23:56 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
Since time immemorial and, For as long as there have been naive, Gullible, Weak and stupid people there have been con-artists who make a living out of taking advantage of these hapless folk.

One such example comes to mind. Some years ago in Australia, A TV network reported the imminent visit of a famous spiritual leader called Carlos. There were several documentaries and interviews with this renowned healer who was responsible for the healing of thousands of people worldwide.

All the rival TV networks jumped on the bandwagon and interviewed many genuine people who had become devotees of Carlos and told of their remarkable stories of being cured by channeling the spiritual energy from their Guru.

Then, Came the day when Carlos arrived in Australia and thousands of followers cheered and cried as he stepped off the plane, Walked into a press conference then. . . . . . . .

Carlos revealed to all in front of dozens of reporters, Cameras and microphones, That he was a professional actor paid by the TV network to impersonate a completely contrived spiritual leader. Yet, Thousands of gullible people (and media outlets) were sucked in by the planned scam.

Now, Doesn't this all sound rather familiar?

"Oh no Willows", I hear you cry, In your futile attempt at grasping onto straws. "The spiritual leader that I happen to follow is the real deal and all the others are just scams. "

Oh yeah, Sure. And pigs fly.

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