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JESUS just another Comic Book HOAX

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5/8/2019 4:43:13 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
SIMPLE. . . . . . . JESUS is a Comic Book character. . . . Invented by ROME. . . . .

The Roman Catholic Church VAMPIRES would not EXIST without their boy WONDERGOD H O A X. . . . . It took 300 years after ROME murdered the
JEWISH JESUS on behalf of his JEWISH TRIBAL PSYCHOPATHS. . . Who demanded the FAKE MESSIAH Jesus be EXTERMINATED. . . . For Emperor Constantine to declare JESUS the only LAWFUL. . GOD to worship!

The Old Testament was TRASHED for a NEW TESTAMENT = New Comic Book
series. . . Since the JEWS discarded their FAKE BOY MESSIAH. . . . And unless YOU are a bloodline JEW. . . YOU have NO GOD. . . . . FOOL. . .

The JEWS do NOT invite or assimilate OUTSIDERS. . . Even today there are about 15 million JEWS on EARTH! And they don't give a crap about JESUS - ALLAH or any other GODS. . . .

So it made perfect sense for ROME to use the JEW method of monotheism (1 god only)
and who better than the JESUS boy WODERHOAX. . . . . To use to invent a NEW GOD and
spin him from the MOSES JEW GOD CHRONICLES! It's so fckg OBVIOUS!

Jesus was the perfect SCAPEGOAT for ROME to transition into an OPPRESSIVE and
PSYCHOTIC Empire cloaked behind this boy woderfck GOD hoax. . . . .

JESUS is literally the result of some WONDERFCK. . . He was born from some illiterate
VIRGIN JEWISH TRIBAL slave girl. . . . This is why Jesus is. . The boy WONDERSEX. . . That's
how he got here. . . . . Ever WONDER who JESUS DADDY really IS?

Probably the BASTARD CHILD of Pontius Pilate. . . The Roman Prefect the said OK to
the JEWS to have JESUS executed SPECTACLE STYLE!

and what a SPECTACLE it WAS! . . . . And the WODERSEX BOY GOD was BEATEN - WHIPPED - and nailed to a cross to ROT. . .
Something any GOD would gladly do to prove a point to his own PATHETIC INCOMPETENT USELESS HUMAN CREATION! And it took GOD 4000+ years to decide, , , HEY, I created these creatures and they don't LIKE ME. . . They invent other GODS and use me as a puppet for their own gain. . . I think i will show up as a BABY and teach them a lesson!

and HOPELESS to fall for this ROMAN HOAX!

So YES. . . The Roman Catholic Church VAMPIRES are CORRECT. . . If people are that
STUPID to fall for their TYRANNY and accept that they are "BORN SINNING LOSERS"
and need to repent - confess - obey and SUFFER till they drop dead and do as the
CHURCH CLOWNS tell them. . . .

HELL YES they DESERVE HELL ON EARTH. . . . . And the CHURCH definitely DELIVERS!

the CHRISTIAN "born losers" along with their enemy neighbor GOD Comic Book invented HOAX. . . ALLAH and his Muslim lunatics are TRULY. . . HELL on THIS EARTH

Help rid humanity from these 3 Middle East GOD parasite VAMPIRES. . . . By reducing all
3 of their GODS and. . . Bible - Quran - Torah to the Comic book GARBAGE it truly is

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