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INVENT - A - GOD. . . And rule the WORLD!

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5/8/2019 6:13:56 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
That's right folks. . . . . . Now you to can become a GOD! With a customized BIBLE and DOGMA to rule the WORLD!

and it's SO EASY! Just call. . . . 800 - i am a GOD. . . . And speak to a GOD MAKER SPECIALIST!

Within minutes YOU. . . Yes YOU! Can become a GOD!

Just imagine. . . . YOU standing on a podium demanding OBEDIENCE to your every whim!

use FEAR and INTIMIDATION to assimilate sheeple drones into YOUR CULT! Just hold
up YOUR customized BIBLE with YOUR face on the cover. . . And proclaim yourself to be
GOD. . . Just like JESUS did 2000 years ago!

YES, If your thinking "what if they do not OBEY " you can CONDEMN THEM to HELL
guarantee eternal TORTURE and AGONY!

There YOU are. . . . . Prancing around the shopping Mall in very own customized GLORY
GOWN Costume complete with matching PHALLIC HAT (just like the POPE! ). . . Imagine
the POWER of YOUR PRESENCE! The people will surely fall to their kneels and want
to kiss your hand (ring additional cost, , , But it's worth it! )

Do whatever YOU WANT! YOU'RE a GOD! Get money, Slaves to serve you 24/7,
build a CHURCH! Assimilate Governments, Incite WARS, Start a CRUSADE in your
honor, Seize HERETICS and have them executed on your live very own TV show!
conveniently called. . . GO WITH GOD or SUFFER! Broadcast primetime daily across
all networks. . . All for YOU. . . . . G O D!

Don't WAIT. . . ACT NOW. . . It's NEVER TOO LATE to be A GOD!

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