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Comic Book Garbage = JEW - JESUS - ALLAH gods

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5/8/2019 9:22:52 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
That's IT folks. . . . .

A Game of Thrones using a Game of Comic Book GODS! What a sham. . . And a SHAME

How many GODS does it take to destroy EARTH? Just one according to the JEW - CHRISTIAN - MUSLIM. . . But their GOD's are never around like for 6000 years! Oh,
except for the one that popped out of some illiterate Jewish tribal girl 2000 years ago!

and all he did was run his mouth and get nailed to a cross to ROT! Praise the boy wonder GOD JESUS. . . Creator of the UNIVERSE with billions of galaxies and trillions of stars
and many inhabited worlds for taking the time to show up as a BABY! , Get beat up and nailed to a cross then get up and run away never to be seen or heard from again!

. . . ? . . . And 600 years after his MURDER. . . Which was ordered by his own people for being a FAKE MESSIAH. . . The ARABS who were totally pissed off by this Roman HOAX play
off the JEW GOD. . . Into a Christian HOAX. . . Decided to get REVENGE by inventing their own Comic Book GOD. . . ALLAH!

So regardless of which Comic Book GOD anyone chooses they are guaranteed to be
executed by the other 2 for choosing the WRONG GOD to align with!

Truly this Middle East Joke of the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH Gods is truly a Comic book Game of Thrones with their Comic Book Game of GODS!

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