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Let's Knock Atheism

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6/2/2019 12:46:27 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
(Okay, I hear the cries of "foul" when it comes to taking the P out of theists so, To balance the ledger, Here's a giant slug at atheists)

Hey, There all you followers of the Almighty one.
Life couldn't be better for you, Having chosen the right God, You have plenty of friends, A spring in your step and that cheery look on your face says it all.

But, Hold on. That's all just a glossy exterior, Isn't it? So, Wipe that artificial smile from your dial and listen up.

If you really want to live life to the max then try Atheism. You know deep down that you want it and that there's no such thing as God so, Let yourself go at our totally new "Assembly for Salicity and Sin".

Here at A$S you can indulge like you always wanted to.
Stroll into our glitzy Casino where the pole dancers will distract every penny and token from you, Even the shirt off your back, Like wow! And of course, You can also blow a load on the pokies with favorite arm pullers such as "Throw Em to the Lions" and "Shalom to Muhammad".

And, You can hoe down on a whopper double bacon, Non-halal burger in the Sacred Cow cafe.
Don't forget, You can "meet up" with one (or two or three) of our hostesses and, Sorry Abduhl but they are all over 18. And, Hey guys (especially all you ex-priests) you can even enjoy the company of and stir the fudge with one (or two or three) of our handsome, Hunky hosts (pre-bookings are essential for Mandingo).

But of course, You may just want to relax with a cleansing beverage in our exclusive, Upmarket Willows Skull Bar. Here you will find every brand of Tequila and craft beer, All served in yard glasses.

You only live life once so, Make the most of it and become a real A$S member.

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