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Prevailing views of Christianity and Atheism

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6/4/2019 3:07:51 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
The Catholic Corrupters changed 20% of the New Testament and have become the "prevailing view" in Christianity. The 20% fraud is pushed to define and interpret the 80% original text. Therefore, Christians such as Tradesecret and EThang5 are like talking to walls to change their minds. They are blinded by God by the Bible that has both good and evil in it, Both wheat and tares, Because God is both good and evil. The ideas are deliberately designed to conflict with each other. Weeds exist in the physical. Weed ideas also exit in the spiritual. God is the weeds. His power creates the weeds in the first place. Our job is to pull the weeds out of the Bible.

Yahweh has spent many months in DDO proving by logic and evidence that the Catholics Corrupters have changed a word here or there and actually added 8 forgeries to the NT because the Gentiles did not have the extreme copy disciplined techniques of the Jews: (Mark, ! St Timothy, 2nd Timothy, Titus, Philemon, 1st Peter, 2nd Peter, 3 John). The worst corruptions are the words atonement and testament.

Atheists argue the irrational inconsistencies in the Bible makes it false. However, 1. 3 billion Catholics believe in the prevailing view created by the early Catholic Corruptors after 325 AD. The prevailing 1. 3 billion Catholics establish the needed credibility that the Bible is infallible by sheer numbers of gullible believers in the 20% weeds. They believe the weeds are the wheat. The weeds define the paradigms and not the wheat ideas by sincere men who did not trust Yahweh. No once should be shocked at that truth for Christ said it would happen, And He said NOT TO PULL THE WEEDS until the angels inside us are ready to harvest the good ideas.

The problem is the atheists never challenge the core paradigms, And they NEVER step out of the box that was created for them as God has been controlling both sides as the blind leading the blind:

Blinded #1, The Bible is 100% infallible in the original text because God is perfect and He would not create and imperfect book through dead prophet that had the Holy Spirit. We can trust the Bible.

Blinded #2. The Bible is 100% from man. There is no God because there is no evidence. Prove it to me.

From these two perspectives, The arguments between theists and atheists never arrive at a conclusion and the debate creates disunity on the planet over God or no God. The reason these two premises never agree is because both are false.

The debate has been controlled by a third hidden party for thousands of years since the days of Moses. Gullible people believe in one of these two dumb ideas. The hidden ones invite either one to believe in Lucifer who has effectively created the argument for thousands of years because He has *more* power than Yahweh Elohim. Therefore, The world belongs to Lucifer and not the criminal Yahweh. Do we see it?

1. The Bible is inconsistent and contradictory.
2. Prove to me there is a God.
3. Luciferians: We have the proof. Study our black grace power. Look at how we control the world by our narratives. We own the world. The Creator gave us this power. He is more powerful than the deceiver Yahweh Elohim. Come join us and get rich like us by faith in the Creator's true servant and Son, Lucifer, The true light bearer. He is the one who truly loves us with unconditional love. Warning! Do not harm an insider who has made an oath, Or you will be harmed. If you keep your oath, Then you will be protected from harm and get rich by the Creator's power.

The strategy has been extremely successful to grow the secret oaths and collusion of the Luciferians on the planet, Especially with the new technology. The sincere atheists do not know the debate is controlled by a hidden third party. They are being manipulated and controlled just as much as the religions are.

Because of the Luciferian financial power, The atheists are effectively recruited to believe in a Creator for they have proof, Supposedly. Or they just want to get rich to be part of the "winning" team. The insiders have their own recruitment techniques and education programs outside of public view.

The truth that will finally end the debate is the following New Paradigm:

3. The Bible was originally correct, But a focused energy from very financially powerful men in history changed the Biblical text, Corrupted the translations, And added 8 books to the New Testament because they sincerely believed Yahweh Elohim is a criminal liar. They believed in reincarnation and Ra's (Lucifer's) view of the Cosmic War

Go 12 apostles and occult Israel.
Turn the light of the third eye and live (Ezekiel 18)

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