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Sermon on the Mount Part #16

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6/14/2019 3:28:56 PM
Posted: 9 months ago


The rainbow color of orange faith puts our dragons (number meaning of 9) on a leash. The three activities will dramatically grow our faith. They are three pillars to walk in the light:

1, Deeds from a good unselfish heart is the foundation to implement what God does in the heart in 2 and 3:

2, When we have problems with the dragon, We pray silently for self-control [no one can see us pray]. We also pray to root out the darkness from the heart with intellectual reasoning with the Word of God. God cleanses the heart in the light by grace through faith.

3. Fasting without hypocrisy assists to cover the flesh to see what is going on in our spirit-orb hearts.

The purpose of the three activities is what we can do AS MORTALS. We can do good deeds, Pray, And fast.

However, No one today but the reincarnated Noah teaches the structured synergy of the Sermon of the Mount to comprehend the Almighty power of the light of God to overcome death of old age. They are too busy saying "I am sorry God" for past sins that He does not care about. So they die. They do not repent in the intellect and renew the mind so God can place His eternal truth into the spirit-orb heart to influence the emotions of the soul automatically.

The heart belongs to God. This section on faith is all about replacing the ideas of the God of death with the ideas from the God of Life. We go from 9 to 10 to 11 to 12. This means we always start with the dragon of darkness. Then we have spiritual intimacy in the light. Then the mind is renewed in Christ. With a renewed mind, We can better keep the 1 Golden Rule and 2 Great Commandments:

9=> Satan, Dragon, Serpent, Evil One in us
10=> Spiritual Intimacy
11=> Christ
12=> 1 Golden Rule and 2 Great Commandment.

In Matthew Chapter 5 we covered the numbers 0 to 8 to be translated. All of the works are done by the grace of God and not our own works of self-righteousness of the dragon. Chapter 6 and 7 cover how the elect of God and mortal angels put into action the will of God's power of white grace instead of black grace. It starts with 9 as mortals and we grow in "time and half a time" [half mortal and half in heaven] repeating cycles of night and day as we keep going through 9 to 12 to hope for translation.

The mortal angels who are called on a different path can ride the motorcycle of Christ's righteousness using self-control in service, Fun, And pleasurable activities with 2 wheels of Ezekiel and be content to die of old age to be resurrected into bliss. However, The gods and goddesses are elected by God into the 4 wheels of the Godhead of Ezekiel and continue into the difficult 14 plagues of cleansing through the "9 to 12" cycles of night and day. We will cover these orderly processes as we go through chapter 6 and 7 of the Sermon on the Mount.

Let us return to the number 9 and orange faith of the "Rainbow Covenant":

We need discipline and self-control to do these three things. The root word of "disciple" is "discipline". Therefore, The disciples of Christ do these three things:

1. Good deeds without hypocrisy,
2. Prayer to overcome the dragon by asking God to know the truth.
3. Fasting to cover the flesh to see the spirit-orb heart ideas.

These are the activities that are in our direct control of man's will. They are the mortal free will before translation when we are absorbed into God that has no frequency to live in a new body that has "immortal frequency". We ask God to fix our hearts. Only His grace can do it. Therefore, We are cleansed in our hearts by grace through the prayer of faith by asking to see the eternal truth in the light of God that has no darkness. The light destroys the bad ideas in the lake of fire. This is the message of Christ (1 John 1:5).
Turn the light of the third eye and live (Ezekiel 18)

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