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Abrahamic GODS = greatest DISGRACE hoax

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6/15/2019 8:34:07 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GODS? Each the invention of psychotic tribal lunatics obsessed
with the need for absolute POWER and CONTROL over the masses of asszzes they
hypnotize and brainwash to serve them.

YEAR 2019: RESULT of their "GOD" inventions?

ISRAEL has a WALL to prevent it's hypnotized and brainwashed JEW GOD slave drones
from being slaughtered by their neighbors who invented ALLAH!

Even among the JEWS there is division and conflict. . . With so few left alive it seems totally absurd for them to not be able to get their "GOD" hoax act together! No matter the JEWS are the most hated sect in all of human existence! They are molded for CONFLICT and UNREST. . And they do it well! Oh, And their GOD? Well, Like all the
other GODS humans invent. . . He is a NO SHOW BOZO. . .

CHRISTIANS? With 2 billion infected and LOSING! Yes, The Christian HOAX is crumbling on a global scale people are FED UP with the Preachers that PLAY GOD
and RAPE children along with countless other atrocities against humanity. . .

MUSLIMS? Going strong with DEATH to everyone who does not accept ALLAH!
with 2 billion +- there will most certainly be a WAR. . . Resulting in billions MURDERED
It's the WILL of ALLAH the psychopath slaves shout! They are truly committed to DYING for their GOD hoax! AHHHhh. . . The power of HYPNOSIS!

The Abrahamic GOD HOAXES = the 3 stooge GODS psychopaths invented long ago
and still use today as scapegoats for MURDER and DESTRUCTION. . .

The GODS themselves? Pathetic Comic Book invented garbage. . . All 3 are NO SHOW
BOZOS. . . . Utterly WORTHLESS except as TOOLS for psychopaths to use for MURDER
and DESTRUCTION. . . Trash these LOSER GOD HOAXES. . . . NOW. . .

to EXIST and THRIVE. . . Actually the opposite occurs with them. . . .

Like Ancient ROME let the extermination games begin. . . All 3 of these GOD inventing
psychotics can go MURDER and DESTROY each other. . . Then all the humans left will
THRIVE like never before! RID EARTH of these Middle East GOD Parasites and their
brainwashed murderous followers. . .

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