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Illicit Drugs And Religion

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6/16/2019 1:26:34 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
I have raised this issue before however, The similarities and ramifications are inescapable. This time perhaps we could explore the question of "Who is to blame? "

Illicit drugs and organised religion have both been scourges on society since time immemorial.

In each case, A product or service is supplied by unscrupulous tricksters who make a living out of taking advantage of the weal and vulnerable. It is an invidious situation of one party exercising control over the other.

Well, May we easily blame religious preachers and drug syndicates for preying on those who are naive, Gullible, Weak and vulnerable. Authorities go to great lengths to weed out and deal with the "pushers" but if we didn't have weak victims in the first place we would no longer have those who take advantage, Nor would we have the evil products that are peddled.

Wouldn't society be better off moving forward by educating and strengthening those who are naive, Gullible, Weak and vulnerable instead of pouring endless resources in trying to deal with the perpetrators?

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