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Why Are Women Attracted To Obelisks?

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6/20/2019 5:48:03 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
What is it about these monolithic pillars that attract women like ants to honey?

Earliest evidence of a shaft being rammed into a hole in the ground dates back to the fourth dynasty (circa twenty-five hundred BC) and phallic-like obelisks were erected at the entrances to pagan temples as fertility symbols in honour of the sun deity.

The pillars the Canaanites erected to worship their gods were actually phallic symbols commemorating the incursion of the demon gods (sons of Elohim) when they had sex with the daughters of men to create their Nephilim or demigod children in the pre and post flood world.

Even an Egyptian obelisk of this sort sits in the very centre of the Catholic Church's St. Peter's Square in Rome although I suspect that it would have more symbolic meaning to the many priests who walk past it.

So, Do women feel empowered or inseminated with life eternal when in the vicinity of one of these erectile monuments?

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