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JESUS or ALLAH? Choose 1 or DIE

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6/21/2019 1:58:31 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
Choose JESUS? . . . . . . . OK. . . Then the Muslim condemns YOU. . . The Bible says so
Choose ALLAH? . . . . . . . OK. . . . Then the Christian condemns YOU. . The Koran says so

Choose the JEW GOD? No YOU are not allowed he is reserved for his CHOSEN FEW. . .
and forbids any other GODS to be worshipped? Gee there are about 15 million +-
JEWS left on EARTH! And about 2 billion JESUS hypnotized slave drones. . . Oh, And about
2 billion ALLAH hypnotized slave drones!

Basically, According to the Moses JEW GOD all 7 billion plus humans that exist now on EARTH, Well, Must be condemned and DIE for having OTHER GODS! BUT WAIT. . .

There's more! Like more GODS. . . Lots of them! ? How can this be?

Like 5000 years before the wonder boy JESUS popped out of some illiterate VIRGIN Jewish tribe girl. . There were many Civilizations on EARTH and GODS?

Like the Sumerian, Assyrian, Chinese, Other Asian, Tribes of the Americas both North
and South. . . +++ many other Cultures. . . Where was JESUS? Where was the JEW GOD?
where was ALLAH? Oh, The JEW GOD showed up as a talking bush on a remote mountain just for MOSES around 1500 years before JESUS popped in to humanity!

Still that would leave 3, 500 years before the JEW GOD showed up! Hmmm. . No matter

The HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED Jesus and Allah God slave drones are determined to assimilate the planet and MURDER all who do not accept the! OK

why not start with each other? Go ahead. . . In the name of JESUS wipe out all of the Allah God worshipping slave drones. . And visa versa! Everyone DIES for their GOD!

Which is exactly what their GOD says they must do! So DO IT! Do it in the Middle East where it all was INVENTED!

After everyone is DEAD. . In the name of their GOD of course. . The rest of humanity will
THRIVE like never in its existence. . .

FREE from the psychopaths who MURDER and DESTROY for their GOD invented hoax
humans will INNOVATE and ENGINEER a GREEN and SAFE WORLD to exist in. . .

No more JEW GOD. . . NO MORE JESUS HOAX. . . NO MORE ALLAH GOD insanity!

Just imagine HUMANITY without these scum sucking FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE
promoting Parasites who use their GOD inventions for MURDER and DESTRUCTION

Now that would be AWESOME! FREE AT LAST the humans would say! And actually

It will come TRUE! Soon enough the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God invented hoax will fall
into Mythology for entertainment only and ultimately be FORGOTTEN as relics
of a HUMANITY hypnotized and brainwashed by world class PSYCHOPATH MIND
MOLESTERS for power and control. . . Their GODS were the ultimate scapegoat TOOL
to wreak DEATH and DESTRUCTION with. . . . And like the thousands of GODS that have
already been trashed and discarded by the humans. . . . So will the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH
Gos garbage. . . . Sooner the BETTER. . . GOOD RIDDANCE. . .
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6/21/2019 8:10:53 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
Looks like none of the FORUM FOOLS is capable of debating the TRUTH of the
Abrahamic GOD invented GARBAGE. . . .

No problem attacking and degrading each other! It's classic HYPNOSIS and BRAINWASHING at work. . . . Everyone is RIGHT (between their ears! ) and all the others
are WRONG for not accepting the attack!

Here in the FORUM words are thrown around. . . Outside of the FORUM the Abrahamic
psychopaths are actually MURDERING - TORTURING - DESTROYING for their GOD. . . .

No matter. . . . MURDER in the name of GOD is OK!
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6/23/2019 5:17:21 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
CHOOSE? Jesus or Allah. . .

No go beg for salvation then go out and force others to accept your JESUS or ALLAH
and if they refuse CONDEMN THEM. . . . Demand they OBEY or SUFFER. . . GOD told YOU
to. . .

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