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6/21/2019 8:31:51 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
Do YOU. . . . BELIEVE in JESUS? The Christian asks the young child. . . The child hesitates

i. . I don't know. . Uh i'll ask MOMMY. . . No the Christian says. . . You either do or you do not
again the child hesitates. . . I never heard of JESUS so i guess not. . . And the Christian says
in an ANGRY TONE. . . Then child you are a HERETIC and YOU are going to HELL and must be PUNISHED. . . . And the child is spanked. . . .

This is how IT BEGINS. . . The TURNING of an innocent young child into a psychotic raging
psychopath MIND and LIFE MOLESTER. . . This SHOCK event becomes PTSD and will impact
this CHILD for their entire LIFETIME. . .

The same DISEASE and TORTURE occurs with the MUSLIM psychopaths who depend on FEAR and VIOLENCE as TOOLS of OPPRESSION and CONTROL. . .

and what of the JEWS who started the Abrahamic GOD garbage? Well the HAREDI
JEWS spit on the non HAREDI and they to SUFFOCATE their youth with horrifically OBSOLETE and OPPRESSIVE Dogma and GOD garbage. . . Just look at some of the
YOUTUBE videos on them. . . Like the ISLAM extremist they are INSANE. . . They want
everyone to live in tents without anything. . . Just pray till GOD arrives! Then what?

Well it's OBVIOUS. . . GOD will say. . What the HELL have you retards been doing to each other all this time. . . Your like dumbed down cattle. . . Then he would VAPORIZE all of the
them and realize what a waste that was. . . And move on. . .

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