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If Your Post Fails, Do This 4

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6/22/2019 6:05:32 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
1) Don't listen to Ethong's misguided advice since he regularly takes several attempts to make a post anyway.
I think this could be due to his locality and the frequent power black-outs they experience in those villages. It is a bit haphazard getting a team of mules walking around with carrots dangling in front of them to turn the generator which of course would power his dial-up modem and Commodore 64.

2) Address your posts to anyone but Ethong unless you have a penchant for masochism, Vulgarity and firing cheap shots.

3) There is a glitch in the system which manifests itself by automatically turning a post on any given topic into vitriol aimed at another member. So far, This phenomenon is peculiar between two participants in particular.

4) If you fail to receive any response to a thread that you make it could be due to the fact that it contains facts, Sound reasoning or science. Any of these three ingredients will trigger extreme antagonism from anyone of a deluded spiritual nature. They have learnt to reject any slight challenge to their absurd predicament and bury their heads in the sand.

5) Don't use humour of any sort since anyone of a sensitive, Self-centred nature will take it personally. These people are most often referred to as religious.

6) Use the words "I", "me", "myself" and "mine" in your posts and throw in the occasional "experience, Truth, Soul, And save". You'll be sure to curry favour with the aforementioned religious folk.

7) When all else fails just be true to yourself and show your true colours. If you are a God believer, It probably won't look very pretty and you need to be aware of the filters that preclude obscenities.

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