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6/24/2019 10:37:06 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
G O D? An acronym = G genius O of D deception. . . All 3 of these moronic GOD inventions are a DISGRACE to all of humanity. . . They must be relegated to the Comic book Mythology hoax they truly represent. . .

The Middle East has and will always be a HOTBED of MURDER and DESTRUCTION using
the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God invented hoax and the retarded miserable DOGMA the
human psychopath worshippers attach to their IDIOT GOD HOAX. . . .

the TOILET is the best solution to the Middle East GOD invented hoax garbage. . . Eventually these idiots who follow and MURDER in the name of their pathetic GOD hoax invention will DROP DEAD or better. . . Get MURDERED by one of their own or competing GOD hoax psychopaths. . . All 3 represent a NO WIN GOD CONSTRUCT for
power and control. . . Let them ROT with their idiot GOD. . . . So the rest of humanity can
THRIVE. . . . .

The "END of DAYS" refers to the END of the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GOD garbage. . As they
escalate their NEED for WAR and DESTRUCTION. . . They can have it. . . In their land of
course! Go ahead and reduce each other to smouldering ASHES just like your idiot GODS promised! Then the Middle east can be closed off. . . Cleaned up and repurposed for CHINESE - INDIANS - AFRICANS. . . . All the JEW - CHRISTIANS - MUSLIMS can exterminate each other where all this GARBAGE BEGAN. . . Sooner the better for the
rest of HUMANITY and all other creatures on this world. . . . Good RIDDANCE and ROT
in YOUR HELL. . . . Because these parasite VAMPIRES are HELL on this EARTH. . .

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