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Do Jokes exist in this forum?

7/24/2019 12:03:01 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Every Joke I make comes off as racist, And some idiot is taking niggwas in my buttwhole seriously
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7/24/2019 4:30:38 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Dr. Franklin wrote:

Every Joke I make comes off as racist, And some idiot is taking niggwas in my buttwhole seriously

I thought you knew. Hari has a mental problem. He's not OK. The fool has been spamming the same thing for more than 3 years! What sane person behaves that way?

And willows is obsessed with religion and will attack anyone who he thinks is a theist. He also has a mental issue.

As for anon and WoA, I think you've noticed already that they aren't all there.

Humor takes intelligence, The trolls have none. Willows thinks he's funny but isn't. When you came in with comedy, He became jealous. And the moron hari just didn't like you being on my side. He has no friends and his hopes soar with each new person coming to the board.

But every new poster to the board in the last 6 months has called him a racist moron. Every one.

Basically posting to them is a waste of time. I am a troll whisperer so I toss them for lolz. They are good for nothing else.

Don't let them get to you. There are many people who read the threads but don't post because of those two.

Be yourself and post what you want.
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7/25/2019 2:47:51 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
ethang5 wrote:
Dr. Franklin wrote:

Every Joke I make comes off as racist, And some idiot is taking niggwas in my buttwhole seriously
It's because the same nigger is DDO's official butt licker.

Biblical zingers are the best!!! It's a message to Christian and since 80% of Africans like Ethang are Christians. The biblical zingers go to Africa. Lol!!
God made Africans black and ugly. Then he condemned them to slavery and now he sends them plagues after plagues. There is humour in God's actions. Ethang gets it. After all he has been delivering free bibles packed with jokes for over 15 years. Lol!!

Prediction 1
African are Morons

Prediction 2
African are self-loathing Morons.
African Morons are anal.

Another confession from nigger Ethang after he was exposed.
Post #2 Ethical Dilemmas
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4342039/
Dr Franklin wrote:
niggas in my buutwhole

Busted nigger

Biblical zingers!
But what about the plagues that have been repeatedly visited upon the African people starting with the Biblical curse that condemned Africans to slavery. The plagues on Egypt an African country. And now the humanitarian crisis in store for Africans. Are they just biblical zingers!

Ethang wrote: Becoming a Christian is certainly not just a mental state. In fact, Becoming a Christian is not even something we do, It is something done to us.

Let us see what God is doing to Africans like Ethang5
80% of Africans are Christians. They are Christians for the same reason you are a Christian. It is something done to you Africans.

The biblical curse of Noah condemned Africans to slavery. Genesis 9. African slaves were owned and traded by Arabs, Romans, Christians and you can still buy African slaves from Libya for $400 each. Slavery is still practiced in Africa.

The nigger confessed his 3 daughters are illegitimate bastards.
Ethang5 wrote: Jesus does not sell His slaves, We are His forever. My kids are owned by Jesus also. After all, He created them.

So you had nothing to do with your childrens birth. Wow! Another case of virgin birth like the illegitimate bastard Jesus. Now Jesus is creating bastardized children.

How the bible continues to get it right!!! By 2050 the majority of Christians will be living in Africa as Christianity shrinks in other countries"

The biblical curse that condemned Africans to slavery continues. Slavery is still practiced in Africa. African slaves can be bought in Libya for $400 each. But there is a new plague on the African people. Should Africans be celebrating?

Aids could kill 90 million Africans, Says UN

Nearly 90 million Africans could die from Aids by 2025 without huge international investment, The UN said today, But 67 million people in Africa would still probably die of the disease.
The prediction from UNAids was that the African death toll from Aids would continue to rise no matter what was done but that 16 million people could be saved from death and 43 million from HIV infection if $200bn ("104bn). That sum is far more than donor nations have pledged thus far.

The UN agency report, Aids in Africa, Examined three potential scenarios for the continent in the next 20 years, Depending on the international community's contribution to fighting the epidemic. Even in the best case scenario, With donor nations contributing $200bn, UNAids warned the worst effects of the epidemic would still be to come.

More than 25 million Africans have already been infected with HIV, The virus that causes Aids. However, HIV infections could soar to 90 million, More than 10% of Africa's population, If more is not done soon to combat infection. UNAids estimated the number of Aids orphans could grow from the current 11 million to 27 million by 2025.

Such an outcome had enormous security implications, The agency said. "All these kids growing up without any reference point, They are going to be a very easy reserve for any warlord that comes along, " the execooiutive director of UNAids, Peter Piot, Said.

"In today's world, Aids threatens to destabilise certainly Africa, And perhaps eastern Europe, In a big way. That affects the wealthy countries in terms of migration, Decreasing markets and in terms of the fact that maybe troops will be sent [to restore peace] - all types of expensive consequences, " he said.

Researchers determined that even with greatly increased funding and better treatment, The number of Africans who will die from the virus is likely to reach 67 million.

"What we do today will change the future, " the report concludes. "These scenarios demonstrate that, While societies will have to deal with Aids for some time to come, The extent of the epidemic's impact will depend on the responses and investment now. "

"The scenarios are not predictions, They are plausible stories about the future, " Mr Piot said. They "highlight the various choices that are likely to confront African countries in the coming decades, " he said.

The worst scenario, According to the report, "offers a disturbing window on the future death toll across the continent, With the cumulative number of people dying from Aids increasing more than fourfold. . . The number of children orphaned by the epidemic will continue to rise beyond 2025. "

Aids already has a devastating impact on the continent. UNAids has reported that life expectancy in nine countries has dropped to below 40 because of the disease. There are 11 million Aids orphans in Africa, And 6, 500 people are dying from the disease each day. In 2004, 3 million people were newly infected, The agency said.

"If, By 2025, Millions of African people are still becoming infected with HIV each year. . . It will not be because there was no choice, " the report said. "It will be because, Collectively, There was insufficient political will to change behaviour at all levels from the institution, To the community, To the individual and halt the forces driving the Aids epidemic in Africa. "

So what has the nigger Ethang who lives in Ghana African been doing for the last 16 years?

Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where I run Bibles to countries which outlaw the possession of Bibles. Been doing it for more than 15 years to many countries. I have 3 children. (Pimping children are also illegal, Nigger)

And the shaming continues.
Ethang said:
How could I modify links in YOUR posts? I'm just a poor African slave remember?
Post #186 Harikrish for Christian champion:
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/78923p/7/

Ethang5 wrote: We agree here, But for some reason, You keep repeating on what we agree. Yes, I am not proud to be African. I cannot be proud to be African.

African American babies rapidly becoming a vanishing species
Black women have highest abortion rate than any group
Abortion has been a controversial issue among African American women long the before the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe vs. Wade. Very often, Black women must navigate political barriers, Racism and cultural expectations of motherhood when seeking to end a pregnancy.

The numbers are alarming. African American women are reportedly five times more likely than White women to undergo abortions. This striking difference is sometimes attributed to a suggested higher rate of unintended pregnancies when compared to White women,

The CDC has also reported that during the 1970s roughly 24 percent of all U. S. Abortions were performed on Black women. That figure rose to about 35 percent during the 1980s and '90s and stands at 37 percent today. A Pew Research survey found that a Black woman is reportedly five times more likely than a White woman to undergo the operation, Black women are more than twice as likely to live in poverty.
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7/25/2019 2:50:05 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Dr. Franklin wrote:
Every Joke I make comes off as racist, And some idiot is taking niggwas in my buttwhole seriously

You are rambling incoherently. Take your medication before continuing. And get the two niggers out of your butthole and as@mouth.
Your public confessions about niggers in your private space.

You brought sex into your lessons by getting buggered in your own school by niggers.
Read your confession.

Your public confessions about niggers in your butt space.
Post #2 Ethical Dilemmas
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4342039/
Dr Franklin wrote:
niggas in my buutwhole

Post#10 Dr. Franklin comedy show.
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4342302/
The nigger that climbed up my butthole was drake the rapper

Repentance post#14
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4342293/
Dr. Franklin wrote:
The Quran tells people to bugger infidels, Any evidence the nigger was a Christian

It was drake the rapper, I have his confession.

Drake:Yes I buggered Franklin.

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