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The Missionary Position

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9/25/2019 5:33:57 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
(Somewhere in Fuzzy Wuzzy Land our intrepid missionary is knocking door-to-door in a mud-hut village flogging a weird book of ancient myths and anecdotal tales. )

Ethong: Say there, Have you heard the good word lately?

Resident: Yes I have and I have two more good words for you, The second being "off".

Ethong: Ah, Yeah but this here "Buybull" is very popular you know.

Resident: And?

Ethong: And what?

Resident: And what is your goddam point then, Monkey face?

Ethong: Um, Er, Well, It's like popular and it's Christian and like um, Well I'm a Christian and that makes me popular. And, Um yeah, I'm popular.

Resident: You see these pointed shoes I'm wearing? They're very popular also.

Ethong: Derr yeah but like, So what?

Resident: Well, So what I'm going to do now is demonstrate a very popular point to you.
<<THWACK! BAM! KAPPOW! CRASH! THUMP! >> (Our intrepid missionary ends up in a missionary position in the open sewer gutter)

Ethong: Geeziz, I can't seem to get myself out of the gutter.

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